Why soy boys hate smoking.... and why women prefer real men. comedyopenmic #29(2nd entry)

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I have to postpone my destruction of the targeted soyboy I mentioned in the last post... for a while...I grovel at the base of the comedyopenmic throne asking for forgiveness.
I do.
This project will take some serious reseach to achieve it's ends (i.e to be good enough for the exalted ones at comedyopenmic, and at the same time, sneaking in an @informationwar post to.)
A double whammy,.....

But in the continued vein of ridiculing men with no testicles, accept this instead....

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an·thro·pol·o·gy (ăn′thrə-pŏl′ə-jē)

  1. The scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans.

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Fact !

Females are sexually attracted to males, thus leading to the procreation of the species.

This is quite common knowledge to most people on the planet...for a long time.
I say 'quite' because other idiots people seem to disagree.
And yet - irrespective of the cultural war that tries to brainwash you to think differently - it still remains a fact.
To verify the veracity or validity of any argument, historical data tends to offer extremely strong evidence to point you in the direction of the truth.

For example:
History tells us ( and over 25 scientific studies, so it must be real) ...that for at least 2 million years, females and males fucking each others brains out, tends to produce more offspring than Dave being Davina shagging Rob, being Roberta.
This is a fact unless name appropriation of the sexes is prevalent in a culture, and then this example is total bollocks.
But to be fair, I'm writing this for people who are not manically pedantic, and have an IQ higher than an amoeba with learning difficulties.....

Postmodernist thinking, and cultural marxism DO try to refute this line of thinking, and that gender doesn't really exist.
Their argument is that's it's a social construct, and not a biological imperative.
It's also a load of crap.

Stupid twats is a term commonly used term for the postmodernist, btw - and may be used freely in their presence.
It will never offend them because nothing is real, including speech. If they are offended by this term, simply change it from stupid twats, to hypocritical twats.
That should do the trick!
Historically speaking these completely insane philosophies, have only been around for less than century, give or take. I can't give you an exact numbers or years, as they are social constructs...or something..
One postmodernist may say 100 years , while the other may say 'Wibble' ...
And they are both correct.

Now I look back at over 2 million years of evidence...

and then I weigh it up against 100 years or so of the mentally ill warbling's of the clinically insane...
...and I most definitely come down on the side of evidence and nature to tell us the real truth of things.
(..and lets not forget OVER 25 scientific studies!!)

...I digress...

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Oh yeah, back to soy boys, and their distaste for smokers...
...and women and their taste for real men...

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Some more facts:

Men who smoke are expected to die younger than men who don't smoke.

Genetically speaking - after 65 or 70 years of , the age of mans death is of no interest, or of no consequence -to the continuation of that gene pool.
Genes really don't give a fuck how long you live, not after 'you've done the business'..

Men who live life to the full - and do not let worries of future events affect their present day life - are expected to die younger than those men who:
a) Are scared of life,
b) Have insurance polices coming out of every orifice.
c) Have contingency plans, written in triplicate - for if they ever run out of toilet paper.
d) Think nintendo is just like real life.

Women liking 'bad boys', genetically speaking - is like nectar to the bee.
Strong, life hungry genes, attract horny women. It's just the way it is.

Smokers tend to be the bad boys, and the men who take risks in life, ergo, smoker's are hot...

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It's not the smoking that kills 'em early, it' s their outlook on life, and the choices they make..

Women love that attitude in a man. The man who takes life by the horns, and who isn't afraid.

Soy boys are the opposite of that.
The average soy boy sees 'risk taking' as using a hand held can opener rather than an electric one.
And doing something that hasn't been pre-planned for 3 months? That's just...like, well, crazy!!!!!

Real men are the natural enemy of the soy boy.

The SB's (soy boys - not sons of bitches - although this can also apply) just can't compete on any level.
(except on levels of a nintendo game - they will beat a real man every time, on that. That is the soy boys only time to ever get an inkling of what it feels what it is like to be a real man, you see...)

So the next time you light up a ciggy, and some soy boy comments on your smoking habit, what they are actually saying is

"Look girls ! I'm a scared piece of crap, and pointless in evolutionary terms - but look ! - here's a real man to go home with tonight."

..and don't be surprised if they introduce you to their wife, in the hope that you take her home, and impregnate her.

yyy - Copy - Copy.jpg
Soy drinking habits just won't let his sperm perform, and deep down inside, the soy boy knows that he would be bringing up better genetic material than he could ever hope to provide.
yyy - Copy - Copy.jpg

I nominate @wibble @soyboysforever oh, and @belemo.

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Bravo! Just saying what everyone is thinking. I like it! ;)

Wow. You write as if you knew what you were talking about.


I am offended, sir!

I never know anything, about anything, anytime...ever.

Please refrain from such accusatory statements.
(or I'll need to go to my safe space)

Now that was hilarious.