Why are the communists so racist?

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'They' hate white people for developing most of the world innovations to date. The increased food production, improvements in health, and the creation of computer technologies and communications for everyone.
Regardless of color.
('they' meaning the communists and the socialist derivatives thereof . Dress it up how you like - leftism is different shades of the same gray paint).

They hate white people for empowering the non developed countries to have smartphones - and thus a global library in the palm of their hands, to educate themselves.

Why would you hate a race of people for providing that, to those less privileged?

Technological advances in communications and travel (from the 'white' west) have allowed for more free exchange between races and cultures than ever before, in the history of mankind!

If you wasn't racist , why would you hate different ethnicities traveling all over the world, engaging in business, and cultural exchanges, together?


How much, must you hate...

...the different races on this planet ? To deny them this technology, this food production, this travel, and this improved health?

and there's more...

They hate white people for slavery, when it was the western white cultures that made slavery illegal - after hundreds of years of it being legal - and mostly conducted among non white cultures.


They hate white people for the historical slave trade, when they were not the slave traders.
(and judging from the lack of outcry caused by the communists bombing of Libya -They DON'T seem to hate the non white people perpetuating slavery today, in Africa and the Middle East.)

The answer of course - is that they don't hate white people. They just hate ,generally.

Specifically though, the communists hate white people because they are the enemy and the barrier, to the dumbing down of IQ's, to meritocracy being the default setting , and to moral values...

The Caucasian is, societally speaking - everything they despise.

They cannot compete in the world of growth and expansion. And so they must bring it down to survive.
Not for ideological reasons, (though that's the boat they sail in), but from far, far deeper motivations...

Genetic survival.

You see, these are the genes that can't compete.
These are the soyboy males, whose only chance of genetic replication, is to lower all standards down - so that they become sexually relevant..

They don't want happiness, and growth. They want conflict and decay.
Their genetic logic is 'better to live in hell, than die in heaven.'

And so to fixing this problem....


Disregarding them is best....ignoring their view as valid takes their power away, for the power that they do have, has been given to them.
Only by the sane people of this world entertaining them...and listening to them.
You only have to look at academia to know this is true.
WE allowed marixsm and postmodernism to flourish.

This makes no sense, surely?

Why would you even entertain the concept of trying to make sense to a mentally ill person?
I see less and less evidence to NOT see communism, (and the derivatives of) as mental illness..
Logic and reason has no place in their world , using only emotional blackmail and manipulation to satisfy their ends..

The mentally ill need treatment.
I'm not sure that intelligent conversation can convince them...Shock treatment in terms of life's realities, may be the only think to jolt them out of their fugue...

The manipulative sociopaths creating this mental illness in society (The virus)... the cultural marxist and the post modernist nestled in academia, and the socialist politicians in governments...

They need neither treatment nor intelligent conversation.... They are the virus....

....The infectious intellectual organism that infect's the easily led.
(Clear minded, independent individuals, seem immune to infection.)

Viruses are best eradicated. Period.
Treatment without eradication of the hosts is quite simple( but total eradication is still preferable).
Left alone , they can morph into other strains, but are essentially the same destructive organism (See the EU, and the United Nations, for examples of this).

Treatment? What is this, some right wing eugenicist package?

No. Treatment is simple, painless, and relatively quick...

Preventive steps from getting the infection. A vaccination program.

Step 1
Any education up until 12 years old is daily injections of math, science and philosophy. And lots of exercise and playtime. Lots.
(More of a classic education, than even most 'classic' educations.)

Step 2 ... there is no step 2. ...
Step 1 one stops any infection.

Within 20 years, there would be nearly zero chance of any re-occurrences.

The political mental illness of communism could be eradicated...


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Marx and the first communists were racists, that is a documented fact. On the other hand, modern communists are also, but without any kind of foundation, they only hate a race.


....they hate every fucker if that doesn't love authority.
😂 😂 😂

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Only soy? How about Bisphenol A. And not sure how long you have been gone from the UK, though before I left I noted that most if not all mentally ill hospitals were closed down, so now no matter how deranged one is, they are never classed as mentally ill or locked away from society to be treated any more.


so now no matter how deranged one is, they are never classed as mentally ill or locked away from society to be treated any more.

I know .... have you seen our politicians?


Boris the buffoon and his band of merry pig head fuckers? indeed I have, the lunatics are indeed running the asylum bro.

I noted the other day that they keep lists of all the things women and black people and Asians and middle easterners invented but no list of all the things white men invented because they invented everything else!