When biological science meets cultural marxism...guess what happens..?

in blog •  2 months ago

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Why is it that for leftist ideology to be disproved as total bollocks , it's always at the cost of victims...?

Maybe it's time to start laughing the insanity out of the court of commonsense, and ridicule it for what it is - A bizarro postmodernist landscape , in which only the mentally ill left can seriously call 'reality'..

I wonder how long it is before it's blamed on the patriarchy ( he was a male transgender, after all).
Oh...and white privilege ( he was white, after all).


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Look what political correctness got you ladies. Now some weirdo cross dressing pervert rapist can legally enter your ladies washrooms, changerooms, and showers at gyms in full view of you naked and around your kids. REALLY SMART. OH. But the TV is right all the time.

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