Planned parenthood and crack...oh, and Nike messages...comedyopenmic#30 (2nd)

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The Holodomor "to kill by starvation" was a man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine in 1932 and 1933 that killed millions of Ukrainians.

The US democratic party (the communists), thought that by killing populations 30 or 40 years before all the pesky children became adults, it would just save a whole lot of on time, in reaching both their eugenic goals and population reduction.
A win win..

During the Holodomor, millions of inhabitants of Ukraine, the majority of whom were ethnic Ukrainians, died of starvation in a peacetime catastrophe unprecedented in the history of Ukraine.

The US democratic party (the communists) had always despised the ethnic minorities - from way back when - when they formed the KKK in fact (ku klux klan) , in fear of the recently free negro slaves.
Free ethnic minorities? They never planned on that...

But they weren't idle.

When they realized 20 men riding around with pillow cases on their heads, at 2 in the morning just wasn't going to do the trick, they put their heads together and cam up with another plan...
... not only that, but their spouses were getting really pissed at them with all the cigar burns in their linen. The earache from that alone was worse than all the free slaves running around the place.

"Why don't we persuade 'them', that it's a good idea for them to kill themselves, before they are even born?" Margaret said, one day..(They always referred to the free blacks as 'them'. They liked groups.)

"How the hell are we gonna convince 'em of that Margaret?" Came the reply.

"It's a long term plan, alright!" Margaret responded. " What we do, is lower their IQ's a little over a generation or two, and then propose it to em as a great idea."

"How we gonna do that, lobotomize 'em?" Came the reply.

"Yes - that's exactly what we do!" Said Margaret,

"We ship loads of narcotics into their areas, and chemically lobotomize 'em... over a few years...That should do the trick. After that they'll be so buzzed and whacked out, it will seem like a good idea to kill your own societies up and coming labor stock. "

"Hell,!" Said, Margaret, happily,
"The narcotics plan might even cause them to be fatherless to. That crack stuff doesn't half get you horny.."


When killing the totally defenseless in the name of the greater good.... you know you have communism...



Nominations.....mmmm.....mmmm...(goes to random introduce yourself posts in the hope of finding a lefty..)

oooooh, here's one..@christosthegreek
and @probl3mat1c ....not because he's a lefty, but just because I got bored of looking...

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