Care for the mentally ill. (or should we even bother?) Soy boy special! comedyopenmic#29

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This is a question being posed all across the world at the moment as the success of capitalism has increased the longevity of life all across the globe and changes the demographics.
The self indulgent, whiny arse, entitled wankers, are just one of those demographics changes.

Never having to work because of the success of capitalism , is an issue that needs addressing urgently.

But I'm not addressing that. (It's not that urgent).

Even with western government socialist polices of the last 60 years, and even with central banking.. (When a Financial means of production is centralized_ .. it is communism).
...the system of capitalism has still been, by far and away, the most successful ever.

But enough of that.... Lets talk about mad people.


I'm not talking about the old and infirm in this post, no - give 'em a break. (or drugs, or whatever else they want really to keep them happy).
They've done their bit - so let 'em enjoy themselves as much as they can.

No I'm talking about the millions of children, living in adults bodies.

Ones that can legally get behind the wheel of a car, for fucks sake!
Ones that think using words like 'sexism ,misogyny, racism, and white privilege', makes them intelligent.
Ones that have no sense of humor.
Ones that are emotionally handicapped, angry at the world, and generally not very nice people...

Ones that have the right to vote!

Yes, my friends... I'm talking about...

Soyboy horribilis....and feminist horribilis

How to spot a soy boy horribilis ,

(feminist horribilis will be touched on, but covered more in depth at a later date).

An inability to answer any direct question with a direct answer. The soy boy horribilis is adept at the deflections of the truth.
The 'safe space' is the natural habitat for these pitiful individuals.

Virtue signalling at every opportunity.
Rarely will sentence go by without an 'ism',' ist' or 'white privilege', in it. To challenge them with logical argument to highlight a fallacy, will rapidly invoke the deflection mechanism, which is then normally accompanied by tantrums.
There have been many reported cases of them heading into their ' safe spaces' (if available) at such confrontations, sucking pacifiers.

A cautionary word...

Because of their mental illness, they have a hallucinatory belief that the state will look after them.
Prescription teet sucking off big pharma with psychotropic chemicals - is one of the soyboy horribilis's favorite activities.

...Due to an anomaly of law on the definition of 'adult', many soyboy horribilis can, and have emerged from their safe spaces in a chemically induced rage, wishing to kill people.
It is a bizarre fact of life, but while these people cannot tie their shoelaces, they are allowed to have guns.


(studies have shown that their anger is not actually directed at others, and deep down they would much prefer to shoot themselves due to a total lack of any self respect - But they cannot because of their affliction..
Unfortunately, a most common symptom of soybot horribilis, is lack of any testicular activity.
Any whatsoever.
They literally have no balls - which would go csome way to account for the spineless actions of inflicting pain on others, rather than doing it to themselves .
(Deflections of all truths expresses itself continually throughout the soy boy horribilis's life, leading to an extremely miserable existence).

Enjoyment of others pain.
Because of the culmination of frustrations from a)self perceived low IQ b) lack of any self respect c) and no balls
.... the soy boy horribilis finds pleasure in the observing of , and inflicting of, pain onto others.
'Not testicular projection' is the medical term.
A common trait of soyboy horribilis is to chat about sexism incessantly , while at the same time beating their spouses black and blue and breaking their bones in multiple places.
Joining greenpeace seems to be prevalent in younger soy boy's, while at the same time pulling the legs off grasshoppers and decapitating little kittens.

As mentioned above, they are extremely angry at their own low IQ. It tends to be just high enough for them to realize that their own IQ isn't that high, but also just low enough so that by ordering a double decaffe latte in starbucks , makes them feel intelligent, cultured and smug.
They also love to open up their laptops in starbucks for some reason. We have not yet been able to identify why.

6/ An inability to look polished and sharp - no matter what clothes they wear.
While not confirmed, it is believed this that this inability to 'look smart', (irrelevant of how much a suit costs), stems from their own perceived lack of self worth.
'I'm a total piece of shit' is a commonly heard phrase from the soyboy horribilis, in coffee shops all across the western hemisphere.
Their low self esteem can only be compared with females of the other genus feminist horribilis.


The feminist horribilis.

** We have not yet been able to work out why they hate themselves quite so much, so as to deprive themselves of the most rewarding experience a human being can possibly have - that of giving life. a voluntary exchange for 60 hours a week of mind numbing tax slavery work for 50 years, 10 bottles of white wine a week, and antidepressants.
We are still searching for the explanation. It continues to confound.
It has been noted that only females with IQ's of over 100 , appear to suffer from this illness.


7/ An inability to perceive humor.

The soy boy horribilis is a best malignantly narcissistic, and at worst, full blown psychopath.
We have found all these pitiful pieces of crap unable to find anything funny - except the pain of grasshoppers, little kittens, and extensive bruising on their spouses.
An interesting trait of the soy boy, is that what they can find equally humorous ....
In extensive studies, it has been shown that soyboy horribilis inflicted damage on women, illicit's the same level of laughter - as just watching women fall down a set of stairs, completely by accident.
There appears to be a direct correlation between the amount of laughter, and the number of bones broken.

Due to (at the very least) their extreme narcissism, they find they cannot laugh at themselves. (which is sad, because they are mostly the ones being laughed at).

Over 2000 soy boy horribilis were played Carly Simons classic song 'You're so vain', and not one of them found it humorous. Their understanding of irony and nuance is nil. The size of ego is closly correlated with lack of humor.

Stalin hardly ever laughed, and Che Guervara found shooting little kids much funnier than listening to a joke at his own expense..

yyy - Copy - Copy.png

I have been doing some research on soy boys (on steemit), and if I get enough upvotes on this post, I'm happy to do a mockery piece.
It is completely piss taking, totally insensitive, and well may cause a soy boy meltdown and possible safe space exit from steemit....

Out of respect for....


Sorry, I couldn't carry on typing that...

Out of total lack of respect for...
.... these mentally ill people, I will offer a 2nd entry - using a person on steemit as a stereotypical case study of the soy boy horribilis.

.....but it's only through the continued support of comedyopenmic, (and their total disregard for anything PC), that I will I continue down this mockery road...
Some people may think it's vindictive and petty - (which it is) - But - I think of it more as a 'mercy mockering'.

(i.e. upvote this loads...

and I'll do it...)

I nominate @belemo (it was a random name I typed...) and @honeydue - but I am nominating under duress, and I feel both oppressed and a little bit grubby at the same time, by doing it...

I hope comedyopenmic are very happy now, making me feel like this...where my safe space.?

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Hi lucylin,

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This will determine your ultimate position when the results are tallied. (That being said, you are free to adopt any position you wish - we can recommend pantsless with beer in hand.)


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I've never seen so much truth in one article. I'm sure at least four thousand soyboys are pissing themselves right now in a coffee shop while reading this.


...and maybe one more who has read this post, on steemit and thinking 'shiiit'.... it might be me.

Lol I think I speak on behalf of Comedyopenmic when I say you have the full support of the platform.
I'm looking forward to the name of the person.
Personally, I've talked about these assholes who always get offended at everything; everyday there seems to be a new "struggle" with the "-ism or ist" suffix to give meaning to their miserable existence.


oh,.......... it would be rude not to,really, wouldn't it?

I can nominate the person too!

Soyboy horribilis... You failed to investigate why they always have large trucks with high tires...


I covered safe

Your post is a nice one. It is really organized. I am charmed at your post. I want to read more from you.

Neah, not worth caring about these people, they're beyond our help I'm afraid....
Nice pictures.... You do realize that a couple decades ago the photo of the diaper guy would have been proof enough to have the guy committed to a safe space with padded walls?

uh huh, I see

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