Breaking news !!!!!.....A BIG tool in the informationwar..

in blog •  18 days ago

We all know how the recent algorithms have changed in you tube recently.

snap (3).jpg

This makes searching for things you want to see much harder - All the fake establishment news and narratives coming up first, with the 'real news' buried deep down...


(this recommendation was from a @sgtreport vid - I've tried it on a 9/11 search - and it seems to work!)

Go on duckagogo - in their search box, type --- .....and then the subject you're looking for...

It uses the old algorithms or something... ( technical stuff that I don't understand)

What I can tell you - my first search came up with popularity and numbers of searches and NOT the narrative of the MSM !!!

A very useful tool...

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Thank for the tip!