Are you a thief ? A quick mental health check...

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There is no political ideology more based on theft than socialism, or communism (the same thing, just by degree).

If you cannot give simple answers to these simple questions, you are in a state of delusion, of mental illness you could say.
Or you have the personality traits and the accompanying logic - and the lack of empathy - associated with sociopathy.

I'm not criticizing anyone from suffering mental illness - I am criticizing anyone than cannot answer these simple questions - and then can see and accept their own position may actually be a state of mental illness, and then choose to do nothing about it.

One proviso on this..
(With 'R' and 'K' gene theory - genetic survival motivation will discount 'mental illness' of course, BUT as far as the survival of the 'K' gene types - you can only see the 'R' gene having dominance, as a direct threat to 'K' gene survival.
If I was looking at it in these terms - I would see western society for the last 60 years or more - as being 'R' gene ascendant).

The ability (or inability) to these simple answer with a 'yes' or 'no' gives you all the information you need, to calculate your own mental health position..
Sort it out!
It's down to each individual. You.
And no one else.

And it really is that simple...

Here are 3 questions for you...

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1/ Do you think that the theft of another person's property is morally wrong?

2/ Do you think theft by coercion (threat or use of force) is theft?

3/ Do you think you own yourself you are your own property?

If you answered 'yes' to the above 3 simple questions, congratulations!

Any political ideology that transgresses these basic principals and you still support it, means that it is YOU that are deluding yourself.

YOU are sowing the seeds of your own mental illness by transgressing these principals in the name of any political ideology....

There is no wriggle room. You can't intellectually joust yourself out of this..
(unless you are mentally ill, and in denial of reality of course - then you can try...)


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The problem with this is that humans are not individuals.
We are social creatures, and follow the rules of society.

From this point of view, there is very little difference from taxes paying for a military and a "voluntary" monthly payment to the "voluntary" military.
One is coerced by your neighbors, the other is coerced by the "govern-cement" aka your neighbors.

Although i love the anarchist rhetoric, i know it won't work for a society. Not without a lot of people growing up. Fortunately people the world over are growing up. It appears that societally speaking, we are moving from children to teenagers. Just this shift will make govern-cements a ton better, because all of the pieces will be better.

Actual solutions will look more like money. Barter, or swapping things, giving away your excess only works over a small group. (less than 100 people) So, along came money, used as a marker of who exchanged what energy with whom. (and then the system was gamed)

Some actual solutions will be autonomous voting, where anything that would become a law is discussed by ALL the people, probably on some message board thingy, and then voted on by ALL the people on a blockchain. Thus enacting direct democracy.

But this takes a higher grade of people who understand they are forcing people (with force of death) to following these dictates. And we will probably change voting to be 90%+, no more of this 51% bullcrap.


Although i love the anarchist rhetoric, i know it won't work for a society.

I'm pragmatic, and not idealistic, and I agree with you.

Starting from distinguishing mental illness - i.e illogical thought processes..
is still a move in the right direction, to much better place than where we are now.
Destroying postmodernism/cultural marxism ( mental illness), for the intellectual fraud it is, has to be the first (and necessary) step in changing the paradigm..


@builderofcastles with all due respect! I will believe the following quotes from your comments.

"The problem with this is that humans are not individuals.
We are social creatures, and follow the rules of society."

when I can come and order you around because society says I can. Drink your beer and watch what I want on your T.V. I will even wake you up in the morning so you can get to work on time to pay for all of it. Just being a little sarcastic.

I will admit that Human beings are electromagnetically in contact with one another. Being part of a group doesn't make you the groups property. It does mean you will be influenced by the group. Doesn't mean the group can suddenly take over your body and make your perform like a puppet on a string. This natural fact that you and I have control over our bodies and therefor are free to act would need to be changed, before there will be no more individuals.

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Most people, decent people have a natural Robinhood complex that when they see an injustice they feel a desire to help, but if they don't have the means to do so, look to take from others to support their benevolent desires. Calling people of means evil for being stingy and not helping out gives rise to justification of force to take what is needed. Some religious people believe they are justified to usurp God's gift of free-will to take from others to redistribute to those less fortunate.


Very good comment , sir!