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My post today is simple and requires no effort reading it..unless you are one of my 4 followers and must by any means find out what I have to say! Well for you 4 I will go on..hehe..no need to try to fool anybody..todays post is about nothing and the empty space that it brings with it..
Nothing seems like a sad situation to be in or live..but I came in time to enjoy it..just do nothing and hear nothing..no drama, no pain, no worries, no hate, no ..well no nothing!
The nothingness that comes with this certain part of life can be confusing at times..there is a nothing after a long day at work, a nothing when you suddenly wake up at night and can’t seem to get yourself back to sleep and there is that nothing that you can transform into a meditation. I have never understood the meaning of meditation and how to reach it. I have tried but with no success to establish some sort of meditation state. After some careful research and some trial and error situations, I understood that meditation is a state of mind, a state of calmness and eventually a state of nothingness. Yes that moment in time when you surrender all to the powers of your pineal gland and just drift away to other dimensions. Long has been my search of the well known meditation state..finally on the edge of despair, I have found it or it had found me! Nothingness and clear spirit is what it brings and there is no amount of rest or sleep that can even come close to 10 seconds of meditation!!
From what I found, the first step to nothingness or meditation is to free your mind..that is not as easy at it may seem..but if you are able to do that and set a mind goal for nothingness you are on a right path..even if it lasts just seconds the first time you are on track! Second step and most important, at least in my case is to lay still on your back, I find that this way the pineal gland is more awake..free to wonder into the depths of subconscious, and maybe beyond, if you are inclined to by nature.
Either way some sort of meditation or pure nothingness can come from this state of mind..I have tried to reach it for so many years and finally I have! The state of nothing of clear relaxation of the mind and soul..might seem like an easy thing but I assure your unprepared mind it’s not! So the next time your spirit is lost and tired try doing nothing, train your mind to think of nothing and you will be surprised by the nothingness it will bring!! The calmness and the beauty of pure meditation in a state of mind governed by nothing! Live life and stay still! Listen to what your inner self has to say about your path..drift away into nothingness..


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Wish I could comment... but I'm busy meditating how to pay the credit cards...

With this crypto fall, you will have to meditate pretty much :)

At least someone gets my pain...:)

Beyond meditation, one comes to contemplation of the non-action in being.
There is a Sanskrit phrase I've often used that seems to benefit one in achieving stillness of mind. I myself have physical difficulty sitting in the lotus position, and use the Pharaoh position which is upright in an upright chair. I keep my heels together, my knees together and my spine upright including my head, so my eyes are looking straight ahead, and my thighs are ninety degrees to my spine and my shins, and I put one palm upon the other turned up. Once comfortable, I can slow my breath by count, until I've had a nurse call the Doctor in a hospital because my pulse was indiscernible. But usually I can enter trance without going quite so deep. On my inbreath I say SO to myself, and on my out breath HAM.
--There are several different Sanskrit chants that work with the breath, for different purposes. So Ham, is one, and it eases one's karma. Another, to use directly upon one's karma to bring a more or better balance, one might repeat on the out-breath, HANG SAHA, -'ha-ang sa-ha', inbreath -'ha-ang sa-ha', inbreath -'ha-ang sa-ha', etc. The point being that passive meditation is wonderful for returning from, but does nothing except lose one some of their time allotted. To enter upon a meditative mode and contemplate, is to still the body and quiet the mind, and to use that modality in an exercise to further one's path/dao/practiced belief.😇

Your explanation kind of goes along with my dream of not to lately, it is all about being in the state of nothingness in order to achieve the meditative state of consciousness.
Glad you are able to disconnect in order to connect; even if only for a fleeting few seconds, they, who ever they are, say that it is like learning to walk , small little steps before long strides.

Great post, an accurate description of what meditation can achieve. Now you have 5 followers 😄 Check our my blog for some meditative techniques you may find useful. Best!

Thanks that means a lot coming from somebody that actualy knows what he is talking about..will follow and check your thechniques out! Thanks & keep in touch!

yes...it is easy to chase after meditation... im 'trying' to meditate more. but it doesnt work this way... great post. may you find your nothing!!

Thank you @buttcoins..trying hard to find my nothing..it looks like it has found me somehow..