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Hello friends:
Many wonder if it is possible that a loving disappointment can cause a chain of discomfort in our body? We realize that you suffer from love, and perhaps the vast majority once felt it

2000 years ago, Plutarco writes a story that is a love affair, describes it as a pathology that produces depression in a person.
Plutarch relates that there was a king of Syria called Seleucus I, who was previously general of Alexander the Great, had a son whom he loved very much, called Antiochus.
Antiochus in a moment becomes depressed and begins to abandon himself, he does not manage, he stops eating, he falls ill sick in bed.
His father Seleuco I cares about his son's situation because he did not know what happened to him, so he called many doctors to see him and diagnose what he had. They all did not find the reason why he was like this, because he did not have any disease.

Then Seleucus I, still worried, asks a doctor named Erasistrato, who was a very experienced doctor from Greece and asks him to see his son. Erasistrato, approached the bed where Antiochus was and took his pulse, the doctor studied him for several minutes and asks the King to enter the room, all the maidens of the palace one in front of another. After several laps, Erasistrato said I already have the diagnosis.
Whenever a maid called Estratonise passed, her heart rate increased, so the diagnosis was Mal de amor
It happened that Estratonise was one of the many wives Seleucus had, and he who loved his son so much separated from her only so that his son could marry, and his son was cured of depression.
it is interesting to see how the loss of someone we love can cause a destabilization in our body. And like a broken heart it causes us a lot of suffering.


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