Just went to get my travel vaccines

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... and it turns out that the vaccines I had once for Brazil are still perfectly okay. No need to get new ones.

Talking about vaccines, as any important topic it has become quite polarized. I understand the outrage of people who find out terrible things about vaccines. I also understand the people who try to talk in on the anti-vax to please do take your vaccines.

A random vaccination booklet from the internet

The point is, while using the same words, the discourse is about different things. Pro-vax points to research that shows that vaccinations save a lot of lives. If you learn history, you will know that this is not a lie. Vaccines do work and do save lives. However, what people protest against is country-specific. Specifically, how commercial is the pharmacy in your country.

The real protest is against a focus on money and in favour of a focus on the individual well-being. Basically the same discourse, arguments as there are about homeopathy. And the point here is that we shouldn't just go like "it doesn't work so it's dangerous". We do need to focus on root causes and individual human wellbeing, that is the whole pro-homeopathy argument. The medicins we use today are sympthomatic and not solving the root cause. When traditional medicine gets to the point of solving root causes, we will probably have no distinction between the two any more. Both camps have a lot to learn one from another. Try to solve the right issue, and try to know why/if it works and how.

And the autism argument. That kinda drives me angry. I know the intention of so many parents is good, but I am autistic myself and it mostly tells me that people with autism are unwanted. "But don't you want to be cured then?"

No. Autism is not a disease. It's a God-given protection mechanism against being forced to normality, to conformism. Conforming to society is a disease, and autism is helping us getting forward with our society even though we fight against our own good. All people that changed the world were different, didn't fit in the normal picture, and as such probably are somewhere in the autism range.

I won't deny there might be chemicals, even harmful chemicals in vaccines. We can definitely improve them. But that's how society works: human technical and spiritual evolution. What worth would our believe in God be if we don't keep on learning? I am pretty sure most people who are against vaccines give meat to their children. Guess what? Most current meat is even more harmful. Discovering new things about proven working things should never be a direct call to forbid the stuff, but an incentive to bring a better version out.

And if those chemicals cause autism and autism is such a blessing to the world, maybe we actually need more, not less of them?

Sorry, that was mean. I know parents go through a lot of agony with autistic children. It's quite heavy to educate someone with autism. But rest assured that the child is in no way lost. Educate it with all the love you have, and focus on opportunities, not on the limitations, and you will see that the next big world changer going in the history books might just be your child.

And thank God it didn't die of polio.

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