Is Chad really that important?

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Well I said I was going to start a shrine or at least a collection of fine art dedicated to my precious dog Chad because I realized he is about half way through his life. He is turning 9 on January 4th which is like 63 in human years!

He is basically an old man at this point.

The funny part is he still looks like a puppy and people ask me all the time How old is your puppy? When I enlighten them that he is actually almost 9 they are always quite shocked!

Like mother like fur son they always say! Last week a 19 year old kid asked me for ID in a dive bar I popped into to grab a quick I calm down my ex hacked into my Air Miles account and used them all up beer. I actually had to go out to my car to get my ID, in what world do I look like I am under 19? For real!? Thank you for the compliment though :)

Anyhow back to my dog shrine...

Here is the finished product!


Well I actually still have to sign it but other than that it is finished! I looked back and I decided to start painting this 28 days ago according to my Steemit blog. I am really happy with the outcome, I never really know where my paintings will end up but I quite liked this one.

IMG_3377 2.PNG

This photo was my inspiration for the painting, it was taken in our old yard back in Coldstream. His face just kills me every time I look at it, he totally is giving the camera the stink eye!

I am going to post a bunch of pictures showing my progression for this painting. I wanted to show this little girl the progression so she could see how some people paint. She is a great artist at the age of 13 but she is a perfectionist and seems to think once a paint stoke has been laid that is where it will stay.

For me that is not the case at all, my paintings normally start looking like one thing and end up being something totally different. This painting I actually tried to start on top of another canvas that had some weird print on it but my paint would not stick so I had to grab a fresh canvas. You can see a bit of the first painting in the back ground.


The canvas I am working on is 18x24 inches.
I know we are all metric but I still like to measure somethings in inches and feet, not really sure why... 46x61cm


I love bright colours but they are sometimes hard to hang. Some people want something bright and exciting on their wall but others want something that goes with the flow of the room, something more subtle.


My background was quite bright but I soon realized that I wanted something I would hang in my house, and I knew those colours were too much! I decided to tone it down a little.


I typically like to get the background done first before I paint my subject because I would rather touch up the back ground than the subject, it is way easier.


For this painting I blocked everything in, did a few details then worked on the background until I was almost happy with it and then continued with the main focus of the painting.


I have already had three people see this painting who have all asked me to paint a picture of their dog. I totally will do it I really enjoyed this painting.


Granted one of those people may have been my mom asking but she still counts! She has three dogs so it would be a lot of work.


The shirt was fairly challenging for me, I reworked it quite a few times. Sometimes I find you just have to be happy with how it looks and move on because you may never be able to capture certain parts the way you want to. I suppose you could keep reworking it over and over and over until the paint became so thick it would look 3D. How ever I choose to just let it go!


Voila! There it is, my first canvas completed in my Ode to Chad series!

Let me know below what you think or if you have any questions comments about this painting or anything really! Thanks for taking the time to pop by, hope you enjoyed the process and the finished product!

Follow me @kylaki if you want to hear more about my Ode to Chad or if you want to see what else I'm up to in Canada and around the world!

As always comments, upvotes and resteems are very much appreciated ❤️

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Great Work.jpeg

Awesome!! Thanks girl :) I super appreciate the badge and the fact that you are out there finding posts to badge! Keep it up. Xo

Sometimes when I am going through hundreds of posts, I am a bit lazy to leave a meaningful comment. Badge seems to be a more efficient way to shows appreciation. It means I loved your post and went through your history and convinced your work is original, interesting, and unique.

Beautiful art, great story, and most importantly amazing Chad :)

Keep up the good work.

Well I really appreciate the badge! I totally understand you must read though a lot of posts and it might be time consuming to comment on them all.
Thanks so much for the kind words, it is so nice to hear. Chad is amazing, he knows it too lol <3
Thanks again for the support :) Its people like you who keep this community motivated to keep on keeping on!

So you have all kinds of talents. :D I like how you went we darker colors instead of those in original photo.
Btw, I nominated you for Black and White challenge if you would like to join in. :)

Aww thank you! It turned out really well I thought 😀

Cool I’ll do a black and white challenge! Thanks for nominating me!

Beautiful and eyes catching.
Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

Thank you so much and I really like your quote it rings so true!

Great paint, you're so talented, and i liked your dog jaajja

Thank you so much I appreciate the kind words!
BTW what is his jaajja? I am unfamiliar with this term?

Awesome painting, looks like it turned out well, and grats on grabbing a curie vote, always an exciting day!

Woohoo!! So excited :) So nice of Curie to consider my post!!

I am actually really excited about the whole thing and the painting. Im happy its finally done and ready to get working on my next one!

Aww thank you so much! It turned out quite nicely I thought too 🐶 I appreciate the support ❤️

A nice butt doggy hehe really awesome goodjob pls follow me im really passionate when it comes to art i hope we can share ideas soon :)

Haha yesss its a doggy butt! Kinda funny subject matter :)

I will check out your page for sure, thanks for the comment!!

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Woot woot holy smokes that is too cool!! Super excited, thanks for the notification I will check out the lists for sure :)

nice work ! love the colors :)

Thank you so much for checking my post out! Glad you liked it :)

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