Praise STEEM! I've Officially Surpassed 4000 Followers!

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WOW. I've Now Got +4000 Followers Here!

I've been on and it's underlying STEM network around 20 months now, for lack of prettier wording this network has COMPLETELY changed my life. When I started out well over a year ago now I'd not have fathomed the extent that this site and STEEM would have in my day to day. It basically took over my waking hours at one point to be honest, possibly cost me a girlfriend and rekindled my love for programming and fine MS-paint art.

Totally worth it!

THe future of STEEM, and it's alternate blockchain explorers seems bright. It's been a hell of a ride and while at times it's been overwhelmingly exciting and terrifying I'm in it for the long haul. STEEM is my bread and butter and while the past month of life I've not been able to put the dedication or hours I'd have liked to into the network, posting and the various coding en-devours I've got cooking the plan is to hunker down here over December and get shit flowing better again.

Between moving into the new house and my PC melting down it's been a bit of a stressful and gongshow month, but NOTHING compared to the month of October which saw me revisiting my hobo roots. With winter well underway here in the butthole province of Canada known Manitoba it's a great time to get focused and back in the runnings.

Thank You to Every Follower I've Got!

You, my faithful followers, readers and voters are what make STEEM my dream outlet for creativity, applying my skills and ultimately having a place to socialize and interact with people. Without you I'd just be some insane dick drawing canuck with poor language and grammar ranting to myself. Seemingly I'm crude and unrefined compared to many on here, that's part of the charm I think.. Will try to keep up my standard for degenerate debauchery through blogging!

Thanks guys, gals and whichever else you identify as for helping make me what I am now!


for Witness!

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Congracts on your achievement
So where are the drinks, let's pop some bottles :-)


Gin and Juice with a side of red bull and beef jerky. Got it covered!


Hehehe........ (dancing)


Amazing post.I'm new on steemit I'm following you please you follow me.I hope you follow me.Have great Success.Thanks

Congratulations! That's an awesome milestone... and well deserved; and you're definitely Steemit's undisputed king of dick art!


Milestone! That was the word I was trying to recall. Thanks man. Much appreciated!



Thanks Nasir


Ur welcome :)


Indeed I do feel welcomed!

Wow congratulations! I just hit the follow button and I think I am now on the 4024th.


Ahh yus! Thanks man!

Woo! Congrats. That's a good number. I think your Microsoft Paint skills bring all the followers to the yard.


Admittedly I'm one of the best worst artists on here! :D


Your art came in pretty handy this week actually. I was trying to explain the circle jerk to a noob and I googled 'steemit circle jerk' and clicked on images and your multicultural circle jerk dick pic came up! 😭 👍


Hahahahahahaah. Oh man that is some early KLYE ART on here. XD

Thanks for the reminder I made that. hahahaha

You're welcome, my witness Klye.

I wish you many thousands more. ;)




<3 thank you for the kind words and support creatr.

Congrats klye! What an amazing achievement to make! Hope one day I can get there!


Thanks lovely. It's been a roller-coaster so far.

Congratulations, i hope i get 4000 Followers too, i'm new in Steemit and i'd like to be like you, i know i can get it and i will do it.

Congrats on the milestone. I don't know how likely it is, but hoping to make 1000 followers here on Steemit before the end of the year.

Amazing post.I'm new on steemit I'm following you please you follow me.I hope you follow me.Have great Success.Thanks

Congratulations! I added another one. LOL! looks like you are my kinda witness too! :-)

Congratulations for having such followers, it shows how hard you have been working to build steemit

congratulation for 4000 followers. I hope you enjoy and stay long on steemit :)

great to see things are settling down for you at last. Now you can get into the delayed items and steem on towards the stars