RE: "The Definition of Achievement is Being Able to Win Under All Circumstances”

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"The Definition of Achievement is Being Able to Win Under All Circumstances”

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Hey @zekepickleman!! That's a fantastic dream and your approach is even better. Some (myself included) sacrifice precious years of our lives by keeping our heads completely down and pursuing our goals with an unwavering intensity and all-consuming lifestyle - if you can even consider it a lifestyle!

I'm hard-wired to go all-in or go find something else to go all-in on. It's the way I've grown up and it's the way that I learned how to strive for achievement. That was the reality of the social circumstances that shaped me into who I am.

I am trying to get better at balancing out my life and enjoying some of the small things while also pursuing my goals at the same time. My upcoming trip to Europe is a great example of me trying to strike that balance, we'll see if I can tear away from my office without having a breakdown haha

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Yah you can do it.

I probably just have had more of my life pass me by (in the sense of time) and I exchanged a good number of years for money and lessons.

I tend to sneak up on things rather than just go all in so there are changes I can make to my commitment and dedication to make the most out of the effort I put into projects.

Fantastic post!