Elon Musk On Joe Rogan, But This is What Mass Media Focuses On

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I've always hated the news. Ever since I was young and I would walk by my parents in the morning before school and I would hear the newscasters talking about this accident, this shooting, this (insert negative story here), I realized that mass media and the news are a plague on this earth.

Don't get me wrong, there are occasionally good stories on the news. Great ones in fact. But for every 1 positive story, it seems there are 15 negative ones that overtake it.

News outlets don't care to give us an accurate representation of the world. Nor do they care about the impact of their negativity.

The only thing that these outlets truly care about is their ratings and the number of people who sit in a chair and watch their bullshit. It's a scum business and it terrifies me that so many people tune in to hear their nonsense.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for me. I woke up feeling extremely happy for one reason:

I checked my phone and got a notification that Elon Musk was finally on the Joe Rogan Podcast. I had been waiting for ages for this to happen. Joe's even mentioned offhandedly before that Elon may do the podcast at some point, and then it finally happened!

I listened to the interview and loved it. So many great points. Elon is always a fascinating man to listen to and he is a genius, to be frank.

This interview was far different than any other interview of Elon to date. That's because of Joe Rogan.

I love Joe, he has a certain way of interviewing people in a way that's not interviewing them. People really open up on his podcast and they show a different side of themselves.

That's all thanks to Joe's cadence and his nonchalant attitude and voracious curiosity. He strikes the perfect balance of someone who has an intense curiosity and also a laid back, do whatever you like attitude.

When he sparked up the joint in front of Elon, I knew shit was about to go down. It was an exciting moment, to say the least. Elon's obviously had little exposure to weed, I could tell by the way he looked at it, talked about it and then took a hit of it.

There's nothing wrong with smoking from time to time, as long as you know how to handle yourself and you aren't irresponsible in your usage. Marijuana is actually far less detrimental than alcohol - but mass media, your parents and 99% of the population have been lead to believe otherwise.

In fact, I feel like the 30 minutes that followed that moment, Elon really opened up in a way that nobody has ever seen before. At moments, I felt as though he was actually going to tear up.

He was talking with Joe about how his mind worked. Joe was adamant to know what it was like to be in the mind of Elon Musk and I'm VERY curious to know more about what that's like as well. Joe and Elon gave us a rare glimpse into the mindset of Elon and it had a massive impact on me to hear about it.

Elon talked about how it's an explosion of ideas in his brain. Neverending. It's something that he endures. Something that he can't turn off.

He said that people would be surprised that they wouldn't actually want to be him. His life is not easy. It's not easy to go to bed at night with explosions going off in your brain. With an endless stream of ideas that constantly plague you and force you to work harder and harder.

There are others out there who face similar and even different mental inhibitons. Hearing that someone as iconic as Elon Musk struggles with similar issues of mental health (though in a different way) could be extremely uplifting, therapeutic and downright life-changing for millions of people.

That's what really pisses me off about this next part of my little story 😡

This morning I woke up and out of curiosity, wanted to see what the world was saying about the Joe Rogan - Elon Musk podcast.

I went to google, typed in Elon Musk, and here's what I got:

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 9.53.15 AM.png

So instead of talking about all of the incredible insights we got into the mind of Elon Musk and this extremely unique interview of him, the media decides to focus on how he took 1 hit of weed and caused his Tesla stock to drop.

They said his "odd behavior" was going to cost him. I want to just slap these people in the face. How stupid can they really be?

I think Elon was right several weeks ago when he talked about taking Tesla private. I WISH he would've done it. I hate this kind of manipulation that media drapes over our lives.

Hopefully, with platforms like Steem, we can make a difference and change the story a bit. Hopefully the stories and headlines that we read don't have to be doom and gloom all the time and instead, can focus on the positives and the general amazement that is life. Life is amazing and the story is always good. It just depends on how you look at it.

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Thanks for speaking it out.. He only took a single puff and now that's making the headlines... The media tends to be so lame at times...


At times? How about 98% of times....


That is still at times... It's not 100% still...

I try not to affiliate with people who follow the mainstream media like its some gospel


upvoed for being a saiyan!

Thank you for actually writing what I long think about mainstream media is today. I think it is not about the integrity of the profession anymore, although a small percentage may still have it; the corporations and the journalists who are into instant stardom; these people that handle the news are really into sensationalism.

it would be nice but we know that the media has a stake in tesla shorts as well as in ensuring the current autogiants stay at the top. It can only change if more ceo's start showing that they too are real humans who feel things too. These pundits act like wee isn't legal in over 50% of the United states

I also watched the whole podcast as soon as I could and it was fascinating, I believe Elon has already proved himself as a leader that given the resources can do a lot of good in this world, for everyone. You can see, hear and feel that he truly cares, of how many CEO's of that caliber can you say the same? How many CEO's would even dare to sit down with Joe to talk for 3 hours? For example this is what CEO of Nestle has said:

The one opinion, which I think is extreme, is represented by the NGOs, who bang on about declaring water a public right. That means that as a human being you should have a right to water. That’s an extreme solution. The other view says that water is a foodstuff like any other, and like any other foodstuff it should have a market value.

Nestle is known for selling water for billions while paying pennies for it. I'm sure these kind of people would be happy if we'd begin taxing the air we breathe. They'd salivate like Homer Simpson from just imaging the situation.

Elon Musk is someone who people want to support, I just hope all the negativity doesn't bring him down and he doesn't work himself to death. Because we truly need him and about million more.

But we all can shape the world around us even if it feels pointless, for example, being in Steem rather than Facebook or Instagram is a change. I always saw Steem as a tool to reward the good in the world and I still believe in it. There are lot of good people doing good things here, I just hope more good people join us and we can build the world to be a better place. Steem on

A distraction from the truth

The media rather discourage people from hearing the truth.

I suggest that people get very selective in what they are exposing hemselves to when it comes to multi- social media.

Avoid only one channel or type of news. Make sure to honor all sides to a story. Just be selective in the quality of the source that is being observed.

An person cn expose themselves to all kinds of media as long as they continue to questions the sources agenda and “angle”

Remember to question the information being presented and ask why is this source presenting it.

Wait for another Elon Musk's pot session and then buy Tesla stocks, rinse and repeat.

Here's my summary of what has been said during the podcast. Might help someone in case of not having 3 hours to listen to it:


Thank god you are here on Steem and not wasting your time on MSM slight of hand. Please completely ignore the MSM - it isn't even worth any exposure here to the BS that they are selling.

It is crazy the times we live in. A guy like Elon Musk is some we should universally (no pun intended) be celebrated and supported. You can see he really cares about advancing the world. Great interview.

Word. Mr. Musk definitely earned himself some street cred.
Honesty is what this world really needs and a no bullshit hard working MF through and through.
May your name endure time itself Mr. Musk.

Nice blog post.
You are a great writer.

Thank you so much for this post, I'm resteeming it! You said it all. I love the Joe Rogan podcast and when I got that notification I was so excited! It had finally happened. Two people that I really admire having a great conversation.
Of course it's not at all surprising that the media would focus on the "marijuana incident", it's much more "interesting" or "relatable" to the average person I guess. I don't even get upset anymore at these things because I've lowered my standards when it comes to the media, and what they think deserves the most attention. It's ridiculous, and boring as fuck to mention something like smoking weed, out of all the things that could have been said, but that's just how it is. Just think about what kind of people pay attention to mass media, they really enjoy news like that. The media knows what they're doing;)
We saw the interview, and we enjoyed it, and we respect the hell out of those two, like so many others that tuned in, so I think that's all that matters.
Great post.


It's all good exposure for Joe Rogan's show at least. As for the MSM, they continue to embarrass themselves and nothing can be trusted anymore.

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I felt exactly the same way. I started seen all over the internet such memes, quoting him "but it's legal right?" And so on... Pure stupidity.

But of course, that's what sells. Given the headline "Elon Musk smokes weed" sells far better than "Elon Musk unveils (once again) his secrets".

Look at the bright sight. Thanks to him bunch of reporters have "job" to do 😁.

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the funniest headline was the "Yale Professor..." I love the appeal to authority. Funny to see all the pearl clutching from the lefty media. Joe Rogan does do the best interviews, I assume he also has the best weed since he is mostly a pot head.
Does the media know weed is legal in California?

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While I personally think he's a jerk most of the time and tends to be like Santa (big deal guy taking the credit because of his ideas while others do all the grunt work) I have to agree with your perspective on a lot of mainstream media and the point you made about him opening up with Joe Rogan.

A real pity but that is media for you. Elon Musk has been in the news a lot lately - luckily some people will focus on what is important. Thanks for sharing.

In the picture you uploaded, the stories found by google are biased and just plain wrong. But the videos found have more objective titles.

As you said, it just depends on how you look at it.

This kind of subjective movements would apply to crypto too.

I hate reading a newspaper and even when I do read, I am selective with what I click on. Man, this mass media is messed up. They suck the joy out of your life.
I hope Elon Musk finds a way to calm his mind. It's no good living such a stressful life!

So funny

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awesome blog post

People lose their shit because Elon smoked some dope, but they will continue to vote in politicians who sexually abuse children! Hypocrite doesn't even cover it.

Sadly, it's almost human nature to focus on the negatives first, including me, then blow it out of scale. Most likely all those critics simply do not know Elon.

I know that the mainstream corporate media is 100% trash when they blamed video games on every mass shooting for violence especially Fox News... There is a reason for a loss of trust with them and I definitely understand it. There is rarely the good, positive news that you see... I remember the quote "if it bleeds, if leads"... It is what it is. But, I believe with alternatives to social media and also alternative media, people can find the real truth so that the propaganda gets KOed. I thank goodness there is now a choice at this point.

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Main stream media is all a scandal


excellent article

Perspective is what really matters right. On the other hand media is about lies and creating scandalized news.

Great Post. Thanks for sharing.

Lovely written

Nice post, I have only seen the animated gif and will check out the full interview tonight, your 100% right about the media, it's all horseshit. One last thing I did notice was that Elon didn't inhale..... Bit of a letdown 😎

(Updated) Awesome interview especially about the google AI, very interesting if a little scary, Elon seems otherworldly but also a decent chap, he got quite emotional.

Lefties, "Weed is good, it needs to be legalized wah wah"
Also lefties, "OMG look at him smoking weed, what a manbaby smoking pot hahaha hope he's arrested."

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

Yeah its pretty lame however he might be doing it to buy all his company back for little lol there really is nothing illegal about that

Naturally, the driving force of this world lies in all kinds of information derived from media.
I have learnt a lesson since I joined steemit, it is simply about how positive you should be by representing yourself through your post and comment on others work. However, this approach being the best way to view and grow life is on the contrary in the vast majority of other social, mass and news media outlets of the world. 90% of news broadcast daily even on popular platforms and news channels are unverified and fake.
Let's learn from this beautiful post by the author to always stay positive in the news we listen to, share and how we view life in general.
Great job there author, you're wonderful with this post.

Well, let me take the devil's attorney point of view here, you're absolutely right about the manipulation in the news, I think people have to talk more about the good things that happens every day and less about the bad. That's a mental model we have to change in ourselves and help others to do too.

In the other hand, and talking about the incident. No one is perfect, we're all aware of that. Then we have that the relevance of Elon Musk right now is huge, but I think, he could do it before or after the show without any problem, but doing it at that precisely moment.... he must know that this will get him some trouble.

After all, not everyone has the same light point of view about weed, for you maybe it's normal, for other person maybe it isn't, for public opinion it's not something you do in a show!

Then, this is a storm he will pass, he will remain being Elon Musk.

Those sheeple who follow this cr@p are lost in my opinion, it's only people like that which allow the media to act the way they do- people need to wake up! Elon is a hero.

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I see your point but the smoking was just something that tipped the scales. He has gotten a lot of subsidies from the government and he has been very erratic the last few months. If it wasn't for all his past behavior they may have let it slide but he has been erratic and as you said he mentions that he has been struggling with all the ideas he has.

Elon is a genius but sometimes the smartest people can also be the most tragic. As long as he has his companies in the public domain he will have this criticism and its warranted. If he wants to go private he should but the government will also be weary of subsidizing his businesses if his weird behavior does not stop. Don't be offended by that. Its just the way the world is and in his case its not necessarily wrong. I'm all for Elons success but I want him to be more careful since he is taking taxpayers money.

Media focuses on negativity, that’s what sells their product and of course brainwashes the society, the real issue is when will the society actually catch on to the mind control?

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Wonderful post, well thought and well written.

While the main stream media and the "News" is an absolute joke, we all knew that though...I hope.

Cannabis shouldn't be frowned upon, but in this paradigm which is shifting it still currently is considered offensive.

I resonate with those who discuss Elon's taking of tax payer money and working in concordance with Government.

There are strange events happening surrounding Elon Musk as a business operator and Elon Musk as a person. This will evolve and culminate in the near future.

At the end of the day, we will see what falls out of the Tree. After all the tremors stop. I don't think anyone should care about his open consumption of Cannabis, but it's a distraction from whatever is really happening with Elon and his operations.

Be Truthful, Be Free, Be Powerful!

Getting an insight to his mind was for me the most rewarding part of the podcast.

The mainstream media should literally take a chill pill !!

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I haven't watched the interview yet. I saw the smoke and figured it was just two guys shootin' the breeze. Based on your post I will put it on my to-do list. I know Rogen has a way of making people forget they're miked.

Ughm, that said...I think Musk is going through a severe mid-life crisis. He sees himself getting 'older'; and, realizes he's reaching that age when he realizes that young women are more attracted to his wealth than, let's just say, 'him'. The fact that he entertained a young rapper half his age made me rme, as I recalled his previous 'failed' relationships. I believe we're known by the company we keep. I can see why the media targets his
'in-your-face' behavior. CEOs are expected to carry a facade for the marketing benefits of a company.

I do believe he is enlightened on levels far above the 'typical' human; and, I sense this is why he likes hanging out with people who allow him to just be himself. I get it...The company he keeps prolly offers some form of relief from the rampant thoughts he mentions.

Hopefully, he can find someone who relates to what he's going through; and, help him process in a healthy way. Oddly enough, I wouldn't be surprised if smoking the ganja might not be increasing his ultra-stimulated awareness.

Great post on media perspective, btw.


Elon is pretty stressed out. But he has changed the world with Tesla, Solar City, and Paypal.
Go Elon. Get past this and change the world.

thanks for your much infromation

I just got done writing the following in a post:

I'm starting to wonder if mainstream media is actively trying to paint Elon Musk as some kind of loose cannon, to drive down the stock price of Tesla and/or pave the way for someone else to takeover the company. I don't know if it's a buy or not, but the number of trending articles portraying him smoking (legal!) weed on the podcast as if it's proof that he's unhinged, and some kind of death blow for the company, is highly suspicious.
I totally agree with you on the "news."

Couldn't agree more! Th conversation was incredible, one of Rogan's best episodes. Musk's perceptions about AI and what to do with or about it are very thought proving, hell the whole convo was. But oh no he smoked the evil pot!!! lmao

I really loved the interview. he smoked pot so what... People do it all the time. He's a successful person and deserves some respect

he didn't inhale and was drinking something far more harmful which doesn't even get a mention cough Alcohol Kills 1 Person Every 10 Seconds

It's funny what society obsesses over and how we can justify these laws when the biggest killers are legal.

Media is on speeders 24/7 and gets high on the smallest sign of smoke...

Excellent article, I think this is one of the pitfalls of being famous. Most of the population look up to these figures and I can't help feel sorry for them. I couldn't imagine leading my life having to worry about losing millions just because I was a little cavalier in an interview. My hats of to Elon for letting loose.

nice share mate

elon musk is my inspiration he is such a good man i love her