Full Moon Blessings! Big shifts energetically & astronomically, big changes in my channel :-)

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You've gotta watch the video AND read the post in order to get everything this time folks ;-) I'm going to make the written content a bit different, and focus on offering separate facets in this moment. Here in the written I'm going to focus a bit more on the astrological & energetic patterns we're seeing at the moment, as I hadn't gone through the writings of others yet when I made this video.

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Energetic Times

Since June or so, I've been finding more and more that the patterns I experience personally & observe in others are matching up with the things that my friends who are quite into astrology have been saying as well. I've often felt called to celebrate the basic astrological times (full/new moon, equinoxes, solstices), but in this time I feel called to focus on this facet of reality to a greater extent. Tomorrow I'll be going to another Soul Time Crystal Grid Activation for the full moon, and my friend Karuna who hosts these events has shared a variety of astrological viewpoints.

The Important Dates:

(collected from EcoAstrology & Power Path Shamanism)

  • August 1-Sep 22: Saturn trine Uranus (3º Capricorn - 2º Taurus)
  • August 25: Grand Earth Trine Sun-Uranus-Saturn (2-3º Virgo-Taurus-Capricorn)
  • August 25-7: Full Moon 4:56 AM PDT (3º Pisces-Virgo); Venus square Pluto (19º Lib-Cap)
  • August 27: Mars goes direct (28º Capricorn); Mercury square Jupiter (17º Leo-Scorpio)
  • September 6: Saturn goes direct (2º Capricorn) until 11/16
  • September 6-9: Grand Trine Mercury-Uranus-Saturn (2-3º Virgo-Taurus-Capricorn)
  • September 9: Virgo New Moon 17º 11:01 AM PDT
  • September 22: Equinox 6:55 PM PDT, Sun enters Libra
  • September 24: Aries Full Harvest Moon 2º 7:52 PM PDT

From Alyssa Ostrander:

Unlike the many recent dramatic lunar events (the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, the longest Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, and the Leo Solar Eclipse), this Pisces Full Moon focuses on your personal evolution and how to ground it with tangible actions.

As you see your challenges, you know what you’re dealing with now. It’s time to pick up the pieces and create something that supports you more.

The strong influence of Pisces and Neptune floods life with feelings about possibilities. Water cleanses and washes life anew. This is a strong current of change. Allow yourself to be pulled with the ideas that move you to new perspectives.

There’s a lot to talk about. There are a lot of things to fix. If you get into the flow with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, they’ll support you in re-establishing a new foundation for action.

Saturn pushes you to set the boundaries that serve you. Don’t forget what Uranus has already ignited from recent surprise revelations. While Pluto is teaching how what you cannot control must move on its own and without your influence. Let it go.

From Lisa Mooncat:

The Pisces Full Moon is the beginning of the end. The chips are down. The die is cast. We’ve hashed and rehashed our plans and relationships through a month of eclipse turmoil and five planets in retrograde. Now the way is becoming clear. What started as a good hash turned into life plan puree. Time to get out our straws and whipped cream. The eclipse cycle is over and the retrogrades are ending. Mercury is direct now and Mars goes direct the day after the Pisces Full Moon.

Mars has been retrograde for about two months now. Mars direct just after the Pisces Full Moon puts us back in the driver seat. Mars direct adds immediacy to the outcomes of our actions. It tones down our anger and our competitive nature as well. Mars retrograde brought us back through old stories that were blocking our personal power and ability to take action.

From AnandaShree Astrology:

If you've been riding a wave of uncertainty lately, you're not alone. A summer of tumultuous eclipses and retrogrades has left many hearts and minds unsettled. The good news is the full moon of August 26 (4:56 am PT) is opening to a bright new future. This full moon shines with a ray of healing light and insight that can guide you forward for weeks to come

Take heed, the full moon could pull the veil off secrets and bring shocking scandals into public view. Multiple US politicians under indictment and the recent hype of the Catholic Church’s 70-year abuse cover-up are prime examples of Shatabhisha's power to unveil and shine light into the darkest corners of the past.

From EcoAstrology:

It's time to take a break and catch our breath; to recharge and reflect on how much has happened in the last six weeks. We’re now on the other side of three transformative eclipses and their intense electromagnetic downloads. Those extra potent new and full moons helped us remove old programming and reset to our soul's blueprint. Mercury stationed direct on August 18, Mars turns direct on August 27, and Saturn moves forward on September 6, providing more clarity and energy for our next steps, while Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto remain retrograde, encouraging us to keep healing and releasing what is no longer serving our growth.

Full moons also illuminate what has been in the dark, in the shadows of our awareness. The shadow side of Virgo is unconscious of how deeply thoughts and emotions affect the body, and how our heart functions as our spiritual compass. Virgo’s dark side is judgmental rather than discerning, self-deprecating rather than humble, sacrificing rather than serving. The shadow side of Pisces gets lost in illusion, fantasy, and addictions of all kinds, and falls into victim roles or martyrdom; mistaking passivity for surrender, suffering for merit, distraction for transcendency.

From Power Path Shamanism:

Be willing to let go of old attachments especially to what does not nurture you. Old habits are hard to break and fear of the unknown tends to keep us stuck and unable to move forward. With this full moon, let us expand our trust in spirit so we can step onto that path of moving forward that we all really want at this time. This moon provides a portal for breaking through past wounds, fears, obstacles and limiting belief systems. Use it well and remember to “stay in your own lane”!

We are blessed with a Grand Trine involving all the Earth signs with the Sun (Virgo), Uranus (Taurus) and Saturn (Capricorn). Energy shines on ‘out with the old, in with the new’. We are inspired by new, titillating ideas of reform in our lives, and at the same time, we cling to the structures of our way of being from the past. We are living in the space between these two worlds, and an Earth Grand Trine is an alignment, a blessing, a helping hand easing our way to bring down a new, higher frequency consciousness into our earth-bound bodies and lives. We challenge ourselves now in order to reap the benefits in the next 40 years.

Uranus’ shift into Taurus in mid-May opened us deeper into embodiment of a new, expanded form of consciousness that we are tasked to bring into our bodies, our environment, our economics. We find ourselves making way for the new by eliminating the outdated, over-used habits of mind. Pluto’s long journey through Capricorn since 2008 has revealed the dark underbelly that must be released and transformed. Earth signs aid us in taking the steps we need to make our life in the likeness of our dreams. Full Moon chart has FIVE earth signs and three water signs giving a huge preponderance of yin, feminine signs with which to work and to receive our guidance from.

Calling in support for 'Real Life: The RPG'

Who wants to get involved with my "Real Life: The RolePlaying Game" project?

The metaphors, parallels, and parables are not limited to just role-playing games either, I'm integrating LOTS of general sci-fi & fantasy elements, as well as tons of things from real life that could be considered magical, are generally unknown, and/or are extremely important in the process of "taking control of your character", or living as a sovereign being responsible for its own actions & experience.

So I'm calling in creators to submit pieces on the things that are simply your craft, often what you share about anyways. (some examples: all kinds of magic, assorted martial arts & mindfulness practices, etc.) The key to this is really in the distillation of the concepts; this book is shooting for ~100 pages (maybe as high as 150), with somewhere between 30-40% of that being the massive appendix, wherein readers can find resources to dive down whichever rabbit whole they want, when they want... I'm also looking for help building this out, so those lists of books, speakers, documentaries, etc. are much needed as well!

One Last Thing

Because I love sharing it, and because I mentioned Astarius Miraculii in the video, here is his amazing song/incantation The Spirit Rap

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