STEEM As a Tool for Manifestation! Kenny's Short & Long-Term Vision for Grounding In

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The whole time I've been on Steemit, one of my favorite things about this platform is what a great tool it is for manifestation. Not only does it give me an outlet to share my intentions, desires, needs, struggles, stories, and tools out into the Universe openly & freely, but it is an outlet that is also opening a portal to abundance.

My very first post on Steemit was called Feeding the Masses... For Free!, in which I shared the amazing bounty of dumpster-diving that I was experiencing at the time, then the next day I wrote a MASSIVE autobiography for myself, for the first time thoroughly going back through my life experience. From there, I've shared just about everything that's come up in my life over the past two years.

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Ending a Chapter

Since June of 2015, I've been traveling full-time, living out of a backpack, and generally just been trust-falling the Universe. This has been a time of magnificent growth, healing, connecting, learning, and leveling up every day or so. I've focused a lot on pushing my edges, doing new things, doing uncomfortable things, and driving towards the ultimate version of myself.

Along the way, a few things sort of became the focal points of my experience, mostly in an organic way. When I left Portland originally, my only plan was to head to Rainbow and cook food... Well that turned into cooking for many dozens of festivals, conferences, and retreats. Somehow, along the way I became identified with the label of being a chef. I absolutely love cooking, I love feeding people, I love dancing my way through a kitchen. What I've found recently is that just like with any job I had back in the day, I'm now much less connected & interested in cooking for a lot of these events.

The whole time, I've been so many things, I've done so many things, but that one label that I've allowed to linger has felt like more and more of a limitation. The reality is that I co-create these events by helping organize & promote, by doing massage & energy work, by speaking & leading workshops, by doing interviews & creating content, and of course by cooking. I've decided to actively step out of the role of "chef" for now, to give the rest of me more space to expand.

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Short-Term Visioning

Right now, the thing that is feeling most up for me is to have my own space, to unpack everything for a while, to have all my books shelved up, to have some level of schedule & habit that hasn't been possible while traveling. The idea of having a space that I can fully grid out, where I can establish my own altars and not have to pack them back up, sounds so very necessary for my own centering and grounding right now.

I also see the act of getting myself into a more grounded, landed situation as a great way to help manifest my long-term goals of creating a village. My travels have helped me practice building, planting, connecting, teaching, being flexible, and much more, but it doesn't leave a ton of space to practice being truly home (in the sense of not in someone else's space).

I'm now looking to move into a communal living space for the next few months (maybe until the end of the year). I am calling in a household of conscious creators, with a vegan kitchen, near/in nature, with easy access to a good Kundalini Yoga studio, a classic martial arts school, and a place to get great organic food. I am calling in a community of deep, active listeners, who practice needs-based communication, and are dedicated to bettering themselves. I am calling in a balance of masculine & feminine energy, a balance of music & meditation, and I'm calling in some child-sized housemates :-)

Right now I'm looking at places in SE Portland (because I know it has everything I want), but I'm not tied to this particular place, and am getting ready to really open it up by sharing this desire on my FB feed with everyone there.

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Long-Term Visioning

Over the next year, I am focalizing a project to get a large piece of land, put it in a land trust, and create the foundations of the village where I want to raise children. For years this village has been in the visioning state, coming up with new details, meeting great fits, seeing things I want to integrate, and getting a clearer picture of it. Over the last handful of months, I've felt the call to start taking more physical world steps towards making it happen.

The village will be anarcho-mutualist, vegan, based on the principles of mindfulness, conscious creation, and permaculture. We will be growing much of our own food (in rooftop greenhouses among other things), cultivating a native food forest, and doing everything we can to connect & live symbiotically with the land that is chosen. We will be minimizing interaction with Babylon, we will be integrating new & old technologies, we will be creating an open, safe, supportive community for the many children who will be born & raised there.

Right now I'm searching for the land itself; I've found a variety of tools to research potential places (soil surveys, climate data, amount of government in the region, etc) from which I've been cross-referencing. I've also been opening up multiple new avenues for abundance to find its way to me, and I feel great about how quickly things are coming together. I plan on doing a big post in the next few days as a kind of crowd-sourced vision board for the land.


Thank You!

I really cannot describe just how grateful I am for this place, for this community, for the motivation & inspiration it has given me, for the new beliefs & experience of abundance it has helped me find. I've built connections with so many new humans here on Steemit, gotten to know old friends even better, learned SO much, and mostly been pushed to ever new realms of content creation!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I sincerely hope that you take the opportunity that is Steemit to manifest your dreams as well! Have a beautiful, blessed day Steemians!


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This is beautiful. We are going to see more and more of this as we step into abundance. It's already happening, just many people are still seeing through the filter of lack.


Exactly! The shift is already here, already happened, folks' BS (belief systems) just have to catch up... and every time another person does it increases the inertia for everyone!

yes its great @kennyskitchen as it gives structure to our thoughts & feelings & therefore manifestation. I am only at the beginning of my journey here on steemit but so far its super grounding & helping to clear & make space within the mind. Happy grounding & manifesting!

Highly rEsteemed!

A better world.png

Only recently have I truly understood the power of Steemit's utility. Although I have only scratched the tip of the iceberg in that regard. I am intrigued to see how this land project will form. Here2Help.


Pretty amazing stuff here for sure brother! And it just keeps growing, and will get better and better, whether it be on this platform or on another.


If anyone can pull off this eco-village you are setting the intentions for here, its you bro, especially with your army of Star Seeds at your back. Got this!

I have no clue. I can feel everything since I met my twin flame. The stranger part is that I've accidentally created a bond with a woman at work a few months ago. I just finally got the balls to tell her about it. She says she feels me there, too. I've been playing heyoka to her. Looking back I have to others as well.

Wonderful, beautiful vision. You're callin' it in! :-D

I agree Steemit is such a wonderful platform that allows us to put our intentions out into the world and connect with people who share in the same vision. I have really enjoyed the journey that it has taken me on, from allowing me to spread awareness, to sharing my heart and my truth. The community you are going to create is one that is shared by many on here. I look forward to hearing how it will all take shape. Here is to all of us continuing to create our realities xxx

Well Kenny, I feel your dream, as it is my dream as well, and give thoughts and feelings toward your endeavor so that it may come true.

Thanks for all you do.

I'm the farthest thing away from new age on the surface,more of a blue collar industrial punk😀 my journey brought me to the fact that law of attraction is the true universal connection, I only struggle in the sense that my natural state is to fight, being an empath makes it harder to remain positive because I literally feel the deception and negativity around me, I am working extremely hard on what I call my huge un-fucking of the mind, hopefully you touch many people cause I believe we can change society and reality by collectively willing a new existence into being and the people in control understand this. Best wishes on your journey!

I feel heavily inspired by the path of love and sharing you are following. The more people actively creating our reality the faster we can empower other people as well. The future are the communities and together we will build a new world for ourselves.

@kennyskitchen I'm super interested in joining you. I am actually flying out to Seattle on Wednesday. I'm going to ride around the Olympic Peninsula for a few weeks and then head south. Maybe we can meet in Portland


Hi there! Let me know when you come this way (same name on Discord & Telegram [Tele is best]), though depending on when you come through I may be right about to head east for an event in Colorado. We'll see :-)

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Doing great work really appreciate your work...
keep it up.