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Chickens, YouTubeStars, GOOD News, Guess Again!

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Things on my mind today. Four points in one post. Read whichever ones you want!

Friendship Poultry Farm News!

The chickens are full size now! 🐔

If you have been following along, you know I am a minor partner in an awesome Chicken Farm in Bangladesh. @azizbd has a charity School for poor kids and I've been supporting him here, by UP voting his posts. But the opportunity arose to do more. He and his brothers were starting this new business and I invested. My goal is to make a profit and donate 100% of it to his school.

In a little over a month, the chickens went from 🐣 to 🐤 and now they are 🐓 and ready for market! Read more in the latest update from @azizbd here.




I found YouTube in 2005 not long after it came online on Valentine's Day. I loved the community of regular people who were expressing themselves in a new way. I had read blogs and seen pictures of people online before that, but it was cool to see people making videos about what they were doing and thinking.

I started blogging on a site I named YouTubeStars and did that for about 12 years, producing about 250 posts written by myself and about a dozen guest bloggers. I took a break from it, but I think I'll periodically post here in the same kind of format I did there.

I enjoy seeing real people with real feelings. I also love music, so a lot of what I wrote about were original or cover songs done by regular people who sang because they enjoyed it. Some had the desire to become a professional singer and many people I covered did go on to find success.

Today we'll watch 3 videos from female singers who share their emotions in their songs.

Marissa is a college student who has been creating fun YouTube videos for years. She also has performed some covers and original songs. Today she posted a cover of Lana Del Ray's tune, Pretty When You Cry.

Just from the title, you can get an idea of the theme. Marissa said, " I was feeling a little shy today. I hope you guys like my cover of this song! I recorded it in GarageBand and didn't edit the vocals at all."

My comment was, "I do like your cover of this Lana tune! It's melancholy mood music and you express that but you also beam brightly at times and you're Pretty When You Smile. :)"

Listen to the lyrics and watch as Marissa feels them as she sings!

I have a connected mind. When I hear a person speak on a topic, it reminds me of something similar that I've heard before. When I hear a song or see a performance, it reminds me of other tunes or videos I've seen or heard.

Watching Marissa today reminded me of two other music videos.

The first is from Mars Argo, who was the original collaborator with Titanic Sinclair before he partnered with Poppy and hit the Big Time. If you watch some GroceryBag.TV videos (like this popular one), you will see the similarity between Mars and Poppy as director and co-star Titanic developed his style of commentary on the digital age.

Here is Mars Argo on passionate but also emo vocals, with Titanic on guitar, performing a live version of "Open Up the Door in Your Head" from the middle of a video of their set at Bedrock Studios.

I guess, for me, the most emotional song I can think of, would be "Violet" by Hole. Courtney love melts down in the course 3 minutes and 42 seconds as she takes control of a bad thing, singing, "Go on, take everything! Take Everything; I Want you to!"

This is the official music video for Hole's 1994 hit, and it currently has over 10 Million views.


Good News For @macksby!

Just a few days ago, our Steemit friend who we have come to know as a story teller, poet and top shelf bartender posted shocking news. He has been served eviction papers and is very concerned about becoming homeless in New York City where he has lived for many years.

Mack asked for help from the steemit community to cover his rent and avoid an unbearable fate. The community responded!

A few days later, he was back to tell us that his mom has recently passed. He honored her with some beautiful words and pictures. This passage touched my heart:

as if I wasn't dealing with enough already -- now I felt completely alone… And it wasn't until a few hours after I wrote the original post about my present situation, that I felt her presence -- a sense of unconditional love just engulfed my whole being… and even though the Steemit community had no idea my mother had died, it was that out-pouring of affection that I experienced from you all, that helped to lighten my soul and let that sense of love I felt that night enter my heart.

The next day, @macksby posted again with a sincere Thank You to the community and to report on the status of his quest for funds to pay off his debt. If you read that, continue on to the comments and you will see the resolution of the situation!

I'll quote it here!

done (53) Check your bitcoin addy. I just sent you $8,000

macksby (73) I am SPEECHLESSS!!!
But not so much, that I cannot say how gracious and generous this is of you @done -- and how grateful I am. My words can not even come close to express what I am feeling right now!
THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU... I cannot say it enough.

I LOVE a Happy Ending! 💗


If you have read this far, thank you!

Guess Again! One More "Guess The Number" Game!

I have done a few of the "Guess The Number" games over the last few weekends, but at an earlier hour.

This week, I'll post later so my friends in different time zones get a chance to play. I hope they see this and Get Ready!

I'll be back in about 2 hours, around 11 PM Eastern Standard Time, for another round of Guess The Number. UP votes for all who guess and a Full 100% UP vote for the lucky one who guesses the Correct Number!

See You Soon! 💗

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This is a great post @kenny-crane. Looks like your cooperation with @azizbd are going well until now. May it become much better for the both of you are doing it for such a wonderful reason.
I'm sorry I can't comment anything on the video you posted here because I can't access the video from my phone and I don't know why. Wish I could listen to the songs later for I too love to hear or read other people experience in life.
It is such a wonderful thing to hear that @macksbay got a helping hand from steemit community. I never thought that steemit could reach this far.

And thank you for keep supporting other newbies and minnows by considering the time different in each country.

I'll stay tuned for next games


Great, thanks. Coming soon! :)

What a good effort you did there by supporting the charity school. This whole world need more people like you @kenny-crane.

Steemit community is awesome 😍
Can't wait for the "Game" 🤗

Good post dear @kenny-crane. I love it about the chicken farm in Bangladesh. I am a big supporter anything about children and Education. Thank you so much for sharing this. Cheers


Thanks! See you in an hour if you want to play the Guessing Game. 🙂

Beutiful voice.


I like Marissa's voice; it has emotion in it!

Seems you've had an interesting Online Career so far. I was just looking at a post by @stellabelle from about 2 years ago, and you were basically commenting that you had just joined Steemit.

Weird how things go isn't it?

I will check out some of the links that you posted.

I will also be back in a couple of hours when you post again so that I can correctly guess your number.


I'm always looking for things that are interesting or strange. I like plenty of mainstream stuff but I also enjoy weirdness!

I remember my early days here. A time when an intro post could earn a person $1200 😵

Cya soon for tonight's game!

What will be the number range ? 1-100 or 1- 1000 ?


1 to 1000 again. Should be guessed correctly in around 20 guesses. 1 to 100 would take a lot less.


Why don't we have notifications on steemit ? Do you know anybody developing something for notifications ?


They had it several months ago but then it broke. it's due to be back soon. See here:

We have many more improvements in the works (such as notifications 2.0), but a lot of the larger improvements are on hold until after Hivemind and other back-end services are ready to support them.

Jeezzzz kennnnyyy.. I am late again.. I just played the guessing game anyway(even though I am late,atleast for the fun of it )

i keep missing the Guess the Number game T.T

@azizbd is doing a wonderful job by using steemit currency for running a charity school for 60 students. I have always supported him and will want to help to the cause in near future. Moreover seeing a new investment for the cause of children nice a job from you i would say. God bless you al who are linked with the charity.