Voting: Who's in Control and What are the Options?

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First of all, I want you to know I cleaned my keyboard for this shot. There's nothing like a macro shot to show up dirt on a keyboard. Disgusting! The three people who read my blogs are probably already wondering... what's he babbling about this time, exactly?


Nothing too serious, just a quick update on my experiment with auto-voting. A few people have had me on some kind of auto-vote list for a while but this is my first try. The idea is to save time, and also to support more people than I have up till now. Here's what I'm doing:

I'm using Steemvoter ( to automate voting for 50 separate accounts. Many of these are people I have been interacting with a lot, while others are people I always meant to, but somehow never found the time or voting power.

I set everyone up to receive 25% votes on all their posts. Now 25% of zero would appear to be zero, but the hope is that it will all add up over time. Besides, these votes are not actually zero, they're just something less than one cent. In other words, my little voting pop-gun is shooting dust. Steem dust.

Here are a few observations after the first day:

  • I doubt I will ever see some of the stuff I vote on if I do it this way - it would still take too long to look.
  • A few of the things I did vote on today, I would NOT have voted for if I was manually curating.
  • Some of you guys post a lot!
  • Many of the fifty people I selected haven't posted since I started this.
  • It feels very impersonal to me.
  • My account will soon get drained by this level of voting, but it still feels bad to me... my friends are used to my full 100%, one cent vote! I guess I'll be sharing more now to try and make up for it.
  • I will probably need to cut back further... either the number of people I vote for, or the amount.
  • I'm going to continue my experiment for a couple of days but I already feel like this won't work for me.

Question: Is there a different auto-voting site or system that I could use? For the people who do auto-vote, what are your thoughts and how do you manage it?

The McLaren 720S starts at $300,000... Steem needs to go way up!

Another Question: How can I buy some crypto with Paypal? I have $45 US from a print sale burning a hole in my pocket and I want to use it to power up. I finally found a way using the Huobi exchange, but they wanted $100 minimum. Any ideas here? I don't have $100. I'm saving up for a new car! :-)

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That was cool, thank you :)

you can also use to set up auto votes.


Thank you! I knew there was another name but I couldn't think of it.

I have been using the past few weeks and I think it is quite useful. I started with 20 accounts with 100% vote. In 3 days I had to turn it of to allow my voting power to recover. I tried again with 50% and 2 posts per day limit but then holidays come and people posted a lot less. Now I use 70% vote strength (which is a decent enough one cent), 2 posts per day limit and I have set the voter to stop if my voting power gets below 70%. The good thing is that I can vote in the first 30' after the post is published so my curation rewards are much better. Of course I don't read more posts but I don't read less, either :)
About crypto - paypal transactions I saw this a couple of months ago but I haven't tried it myself. I think though that powering up with the current steem price is a great idea!


Oh, that's excellent! Steemauto sounds like it has more options - although I'm sure I don't have steemvoter all figured out yet, maybe it does the same. I will definitely check out steemauto today, thank you. I also appreciate the paypal link! Thanks very much!


You are welcome :)

Well first off a nice car but one I would never want my tastes have got simpler with age and its way out of my budget LOL

ON Autovoting, I use Steemauto, but still try to visit the ones i vote on and have a fairly select list it probably covers about 40% of my voting, and if I am going to be away for a while and know I will not be online I follow a trail so my votes do not go to waste, but I have seldom turned that one as I try and get on for a bit each day

For someit is a very useful tool, but its just not for me at the moment


I agree about the car - I would never want such a thing. How about a Lamborghini 4x4? Nah... guess I'll just stick with the ageing mini-van :) Thanks for the tips on Steemauto, I'm going to look into that one.


Yes I am happy with my SUV it meets my needs :)

Howdy sir Keith! the comments are really goo don this one so I don't have anything to add. I plan to use autovoting for accounts that I like but I just never seem to make it there even working at it 15 hours a day! But I want to grow my voting power so I don't have to worry about running out. It's totally detached and impersonal though.

What's the Huobi exchange, is that just and is it complicated?


Yes, - and I can't tell you much about it, I have an account there because it's an exchange that allows you to trade crypto for fiat currencies.. US dollars and they also do Canadian dollars... but then I found the $100 minimum, and funny as it may be, that's too rich for me! LOL


Very interesting sir Keith. It allows you to trade cryptos for fiat but does it allow you to trade fiat for cryptos? Probably not. It seems almost none of them take credit cards anymore. That is funny about the $100 minimum!


I believe it does both, but I am no expert. This stuff actually baffles me and makes me nervous. I tread very lightly...