10 Delicious Looking Dished Made Or Captured By Steemians

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Food photography contest winners


So tasty looking!

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Let me know below which photo you liked the most.

Contest winners not in any specific order

Click on image to view full screen
Banana Mousse, Banana Nuggets and Choco Banana Ice Cream with Salted Caramel, Snickerdoodles Cookie Crumble and Meringue Cookies
by @ikaputri3

Click on image to view full screen
Banana Dessert Plate
by @offoodandart

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Apple Meringue pie
by @ewkaw

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Whole Foods Chicken
by @pangur-ban

Click on image to view full screen
Chicken Made of Flour

Click on image to view full screen
Grilled Cod with Potatoes Olives and Red Peppers and Onions
by @unomas

Click on image to view full screen
Steamed Beef
by @mrpointp

Click on image to view full screen
by @fesbukan

Click on image to view full screen
Cranberry Crunch
by @voder

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A warm evening at home
by @axeman


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Beautiful photos. Drooling now


Yes that tends to happen with this contest xD

Really awesome shots..Thanks for all the steemians ..great work.


Glad you liked them!

Those food dishes look AMAZING 😉

I have so many pics from my recent trip! Can't wait to join in one some of your photo contest.


Awesome, looking forward to them!

Banana Dessert Plate is simple but stunning. In the Philippines, the banana being wrapped by wanton wrapper is called "turon."


Simplicity is an art in itself. I might travel to Philippines in the next couple of years ,how safe is it there currently?


..its safe in the Philippines, and theres so much we can offer @juliank


Hey, I'm from the Philippines too. Most places are safe. Let me know if you have more questions when you start planning your trip.


@offoodanart, oh you are! I thought you don't know turon. hehe


Thank you! I'm originally from the Philippines. Glad you mentioned turon. I love turon and considered including it on this plate. Maybe next time ...


@juliank, glad to know that you'll be here soon. Philippines is safe now. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are safe and only in the ARMM region aren't. Hope you'll still be here in Steemit in the next couple of years and we can stay connected so you have the guide in the future which is me. hahaha.

Congrats to all the winner's.
That's some real great photography, these contests of Juliank are really getting professional at high level :)


Some people have really found their niches and are putting out great content! Luckily, we can learn from them :)


They definitely have and very interesting i am learning a lot from these contests and thanks to you putting out a lot of great info out there :)

I like the Chicken Made of Four 😊😍

This post is making me more hungry!! :P

All pictures are delicious.

.. @acactus1013
..the chicken made with flour is so cuuuuuute


haha , thank you for liking it

Thank you! I am honored to be among the winners this week. Their work is truly amazing. You, @juliank, continue to inspire me. I really appreciate all you do for this community.

bananas on top!

omg so nice feeling really hungry now, apple merenque pie ?? djee i would like to eat that so much, that is a definite try

All the foods are delicious looking. @juliank


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@voder, my pick is him. A clear tight shot and I love chocolate 🍫🍫🍫🍫.

Oh yum! Cranberry Crunch - I want that one :D
And the last photo is so lovely and warm.

Amazing shots. Keep myself more active by your steem. Thanks!

Woow.. Thanks again @juliank :D

That's so fun!
Now ima figure a link to an actual high res version.
I'm coming to this tech thing. Bringing up the rear, but omw.
Thanks for the encouragement. :)