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Sorrry about that tag. I’ll pay more attention to the tags 🙂


I just finished my Kyushu trip yesterday.
also see the snow in Mt Aso.

haha~ have a nice trip.

Thanks a lot, stay9n0.

How was your trip in Kyushu?

Wow.. Kyushu has Very nice views, and kurokawa onsen has a very lovely view especially now that it is snowing .. Lovely pictures, venture on..

I'm jealous! I need an onsen now! So lovely your pictures Joy!





Ahhh I love the snow!

I guess especially when it’s summer now in Aus?

yes but these few days have been pretty cool so its not to warm

Joy! I sent you a discord message, are you able to log in? Or how can i contact you?

Hey Eric. I still don’t have access to my discord because I can’t get the authenticator code.😩 I’ll come back to you soon as I get back home. Sorry for that!

Hi, I really liked your post. and thanks to the snowing the photos were very beautiful. I'll be waiting for your next post where you tell us how it went. I love the story and the photos, you won my upvote. Congratulations. I'm following you :)

Wow your photo are amazing 👍
i will follow on you
if you want to see my photo
always open @jejuin

Ooo awesome! Onsen must be so nice when it’s so cold outside

Wow! Want to experience traveling in other countries, I envy you @joythewanderer 😊❤. Great adventure! Keep steeming.
I'll keep in touch.

Can you share more photos of Kyushu? It seems a beautiful place.

Absolutely amazing, feel like you can really live like the local there as a tourist. That's my ultimate goal for every trip.

Thanks! That’s too nice for you to see. I also couldn’t understand thoroughly the local culture, especially when therés language barrier. lol

Of course one does not simply live like true Japanese there, it takes years of efforts but I guess travel maniac like you might be possible haha.

Nice photos of Japan! I can't wait to visit Kyoto and maybe visit this onsen as well. Followed you!

哇,都下雪了! 话说我点名你啦~参加童年照挑战,希望你会参加。XD

谢谢点我名!回去有空就发 😊

Joy great to see that snow with you. Perhaps you can build your a Steemit Snowman haha. I like that flower design on the teacup looks superb!

Good idea for that Steemit snowman. How could I make it? Steemit logo as its face? Lol

The easy route is just build a body and head out of snow for the snowman. Put a carrot in for its nose, two stones for the eyes and before you join the head and body together slip one of your Steemit t-shirts over the snowman.
Job complete haha.
The other route you might end up with chilled frosty bones engraving a Steemit logo on your snowman.
Oh don`t forget to put a pair of sunglasses on the snowman and a Steemit scarf too!

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The snow adds to the beauty that f this area

Another list for our itinerary, thanks! And we were at Yamagata, Tohoku, over the new year period, it was snowing non stop there.
Surprise to learn that it is actually snowing so much in Kyushu too.