A serendipity of the new year

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hello guys, today I come with a short and brief history of my life this year, how to change and all of that, I will post several things about it, but I wanted to start with the most important thing.

(A Serendipity is a discovery or a lucky, valuable and unexpected finding that occurs accidentally or accidentally or when you are looking for something different)

A serendipity of the new year:

At the beginning of this year I thought about focusing on myself, on my goals, on achieving something this year in my life and I thought it was better not to have a partner, I did not think it was a bad thing, only that I knew that I would deviate from my main goals of this year and possibly even leave them... But it was not like that.

Just the first of January I was able to converse with a certain girl, she had called my attention for a while, but I did not try anything for fear of rejection "she is too beautiful for me" I thought every time I wanted to talk to her, but that day we talked, that first of January, which is the most beautiful way to start the year, talk to the person you always wanted and could never have.

But do not let that move my plans, I did not want to hope that someone like her would notice someone like me, so I started my year plans, I started working on each of them, having my schedule to know when and in What a time to do things (I was super decided) but things changed at the end of the first month, I stopped working in my old job because of the horrible bosses I had, I had not been able to advance in my long term plans and I had already run out income and I was just thinking ... what now?

The only thing that was still good and was even improving was with the girl with I was talking, the same girl from January first, we wrote almost daily, we laughed and we knew each other much more, but we never got to see each other again... a certain day when my friend organized a party.

That day I was alone with the goal of getting drunk until no feel my face or something, resting from so much crap that happened to me and taking a break, but when I was there, she arrived... she was wearing dark clothes but when I saw her it was as if she had the intensity of a thousand suns, I saw her radiant, she approached me and gave me a big hug as if it was a long time ago that we saw each other, even if it was only a month.

She was somewhat distanced at that party, she did not want to approach me because she talked to her friends and it seemed inappropriate, but then I thought "Ah, fuck it, I'll talk to her, I will not make the same mistake as last year" I went to her and I noticed her very nervious, but after a few minutes of chatting, we could have a fabulous conversation and although everything was dark, I could still know that she was beautiful as always.

After several minutes of talk and laughter, one of my friends told us that there were people who did not know anyone from the party and that we should talk to them, so that no one was uncomfortable or bored at the party, which I kindly accept to go talk to them with her ... I do not know if it was a good or bad idea to do it, the people who were alone had a vibe of (as it is said in my country to refer to the thieves) being malandros, with that style of speech they had, their way of expressing themselves, everything was scary of them, as if at some point we were going to be stolen by them, something that alarmed me and I quickly told the girl with whom we were going to go to "dance" when I have no idea how to do it.

But we just went into the house, we laughed and we looked for a place to sit, inside the house it was all busy so we went to the back of the house, we sat there and I apologized to her for doing such a thing, I did not have no idea that these people were that way, to which she mocks me sarcastically, we laugh, we approach ... and she kisses me, I do not know how to act but take advantage of the moment and thought "FINALLY, THE ONE WHO ME LIKE, I LIKE" Towards a time that did not happen to me and when that happened, I thought I was the luckiest guy of all at that time.

I'll leave what happened after that for another post and not extend this much, but after all, we became a couple, do not have a partner to focus on my goals? hahaha, I think I never knew what a true partner was after her, she helps me, she guides me, she advises me, if it were not for her, my current self would be destroyed.

She is my amazing girlfriend and partner, Ana, she is the most talented girl I have ever met and I know, she is the girl who has all my soul in her hands, because I told her, "I want to be yours in body, mind and soul", she is my everything now, my girlfriend, my mother, my sister, my friend, she is a Goddess for me, of Olympus, of Valhala, wherever she is, she is.


And I really love her.

I hope you liked my story of how it started this year and then I can tell more about it, we read in another post guys!

Excuse my horrible face and look at her: c




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