La Llovizna Park: Nostalgia for childhood

in blog •  18 days ago 
Hello friends, as you will know from my previous publications I study medicine for what I have had to move from city while I study and live alone, and today as a strange thing I got nostalgic because since my brother told me that he was watching the albunes and I sent this photo:

My older brother (left) and me.
That photo was in the "Parque La Llovizna", a natural park that is located in Ciudad Guyana, which is the result of the spillways of the Macagua dam (seen at the bottom of the photo).

That photo brought me many memories since during my childhood we went to that park a lot, at least 2 times a month and it was very fun since it is very large and has MANY areas which can be explored.

My favorite part was to go through the islands and stone roads since those sides are boats that can be rented, they also sell fish food and feed them what was very curious since it was an impressive amount of fish and some were very large, until today I do not know what kind of fish it was but it was a protected and can not be fished.

Part of my nostalgia is that I basically want to visit the park again for several reasons: how dangerous it has become, both in the Llovizna and in the Cachamay Park have reported robberies and intrusion of criminals, another reason is the difficult access since it is not a secret that public transport in most of the cities of Venezuela is almost non-existent, and finally the neglected of the park since in recent years the administration neglected the maintenance in general and there are areas where some bridges are seen in bad condition, broken pipes, etc.

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