Escape Room: a surprise

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Hello friends, do you know that kind of movies that have been downloaded there but they look so bad that they don't want to see them? It happened to me with Escape Room, it looked like chimba and I had zero desire to see it but since I had nothing better to see, it touched and I was really surprised because it turned out to be entertaining, although some criticize it for not fully exploiting the premise but I liked it.

It is about 6 people who are invited to participate in a game called Escape Room and the winner takes a prize of 10 thousand dollars, they are invited by sending him a puzzle and when they solve it they give him all the information of the contest.

Each character has a story for example is Zoey a brilliant student who suffered a family tragedy, there is Amanda that turns out and it happens that she was in the Iraq war and is half traumatized, Jason is a very nice black who seems to work in the bag or something like that and the rest of the characters are half-null, Ben raises cattle, Mike drives a truck and Danny a Gamer obsessed with this kind of games.

It turns out that the Escape Room wants to kill them and they have to get together to survive and at the same time they tell each other's traumatic experiences.

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