My Blocktrades delegation is expiring in 2 days!

in blog •  15 days ago

Time do fly really fast as it felt like it was just yesterday when I decided to avail of Blocktrades' delegation service and got myself some 590 SP delegation from their account.

And 7 hours ago, I got this encrypted memo informing me that the delegation will expire in 48 hours. T_T


In order to read encrypted memos like that, you need to with your 'master key' or if you have steemplus extension installed (or other third party extension/services), use your private memo key.


There was actually a time where a 500 SP+ delegation made a noticeable impact in post payouts from curating or upvoting other people's content but sad to say with Steem still below $0.5 USD, this kind of things are often taken for granted. XD

Case in point: at the moment I have 1967 effective Steem Power and my full upvote gives only around $0.05.


Excluding the delegation, my full upvote would then become around $0.03. A difference of only $0.02! XD


If someone were to ask me now if availing the delegation was worth it, well I'm not really sure on how to answer that. XD

But if you want some numbers, I did spend around 34 liquid Steem months ago for 592 SP.


According to Accusta, a site that also tracks curation reward stats in a monthly basis for one's Steem Account, it seems just through curation rewards I got 31.63 SP, which I really think is not at all bad considering I am no longer sniping curation rewards and is just upvoting posts/comments I like.


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Mine my Sp is very small because of I delegate to steemitgoldminner of 50SP instead my SP 58 because of delegation now my SP is 8 their will time that 50sp delegation comeback to me?


Not unless you initiate the undelegation process. You need to undelegate first from steemitgoldminner for your 50 SP to come back.

If you don't know how you can use this link:

After you initiate the undelegate process, wait for exactly 5 days for your 50 SP to come back. :)


Thank you your great comment I must learn

Do you have the link for me for the accusta website. I am curious how my curation reward did over time!
You did great with the power you had. I will probably also increased the number of followers. People do tend to like to follow people with higher SP, hoping that it would drop down to them!

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Thanks! Here is the link:

It's a pretty cool and useful site especially for us who loves to track our progress monthly :)


Thanks looking into it now!

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