2 days to go!

in #blog2 years ago

Got some free time today so I decided to clean up some of the "Authorities" or "Permissions" I am granting to some STEEM/HIVE dapps with this account when I noticed that only 2 days is left before my Recovery Account changes from "steem" to my other account (mostly used for SteemMonsters and Actifit) "jlordz". XD


I might only be a small fish on this blockchain but if anything happens with this account, I don't honestly think I can create a new one and start over from scratch.

I spent 2 years+ growing this account without any powerdown (well I did powerdown on Steem starting last month though) and ALL my stake are just from this blockchain but ALL of it are from my efforts whether on my daily blogs/rant or from the blockchain games (mostly SteemMonsters) I play daily, so changing my recovery account to one account I actually own rather than "steem" gives me at least a little bit of security.

Although to be honest, I actually don't know how this recovery account works. In theory I think I know how it works but I am not confident to say that in the event that the unfortunate happen to me, I would automatically know what to do. I did read and bookmarked some blog posts before so I am at least somewhat prepared. XD

Hopefully, this account would be safe forever and I would personally experience how this recovery thing works. XD

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