Has the Venezuelan right to recreate?

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Nobody denies that the Venezuelan crisis is a monster of many faces, it seems that there are only two countries that are two very different countries, on the one hand the ideal and perfect that we all want and that is reduced to a few blocks with fewer and fewer restaurants, less cinemas, less shopping centers or stores and the rest of the country that is a real hell where we live the crisis in its hardest face, where the majority of the population in the urgency of change have used social networks for many years with messages clamoring to help us out of this situation, but in turn there are still people who put their photos eating a pizza or going to the movies, which are real luxuries at this time and then you get to the question, if you want a change Do you want it to be known that your country is fucked up should not these images be saved for family chat? not to be that people believe that this is a party and people are dying not from hunger but from laughter and I do not know the answer, do you have the right to recreate yourself?

Here we think that everyone who goes out to recreate, made money for corruption or illegally and we do not think that many people made their money honestly and just want a little time of recreation to keep from going crazy, here every time you see less people In a restaurant, the crisis is observed especially on the weekends where years ago most of the sites were full of people and another side that must do then cinemas, restaurants, theaters and other companies dedicated to recreation? Close in solidarity with all who suffer? Close the doors singing the national anthem? By the way, if they close they add more unemployed and more misery to the one that already exists because we forget that we aspire to continue insisting that there is a market, in the entrepreneurship, in eating in a pizzeria or going to the movies, eating, going out, it is part to resist a government that wants everything closed if it is not going to be its slave

I fully understand that you can not have an instagram timeline where we show photos of a cruise on "Los Roques" with a yacht listening to music and eating some oysters with pearls inside and using the hashtag #SOSVenezuela, the people outside and the people inside in the country are going to bother, but the reason why any sensitive Venezuelan should include the reality of the country without excluding their satisfactions with restraint, with awareness in their networks is not because we should pretend to send the message that the country is in four blocks so that they realize of the crisis that we live, the reason is that we do not have to pretend, the country is in four blocks, and if not report it , not recognize it , is the true complicity with those who at any time steal the blocks too, it is not a problem of messages is a problem of sensitivity.


It is really saddening that folks in venezuela have to deal with such a burden. here in africa things are hard but the government of Ghana has done an Okay job in recent years. just a little while ago our currency was depreciating like your is.

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Thanks for your words, you in Africa know what it is to go through this, I just hope we can overcome it like you, I'm going to check out your blog

governments have never done a good job anywhere 😐
it's tragic. i hope you find a way somehow man.
and let's hope steem can help you a little.

thank you for always being aware and for your help

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