Can you have a normal life in Venezuela? I do not think so

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Normal life, getting up, getting cleaned up, taking children to school or studying, buying food and suddenly traveling, getting sick and treated, having fun, go to the movies, going to a restaurant for lunch, processing some documents, filling out the car gas tank, that life (the simplest you can imagine in a normal country) is difficult in Venezuela


What was once taken for granted today passes through obstacles that were not thought a year ago, affect the daily lives of those who live in the country without distinction of age, nationality or social status.
With the best of luck, every day you have to deal with at least one of those restrictions that mortify even the most patient of Venezuelans. make long queues to be able to buy in supermarkets and also be able to do it only on certain days, according to the last number of the identification card, but also not being able to acquire but limited quantities or not being able to buy everything you want are just some of the obstacles.

Money is not enough

As simple as that, economists calculate that purchasing power depreciates between 30 and 40 percent per month. It is worth saying that the prices of goods in Venezuela are more anchored to the 'black dollar' that approached 95 bolivars per dollar

Identification card and fingerprints

Given the shortage of products, the supermarkets established that the purchases of regulated goods (sugar, milk, chicken, rice or coffee, and products such as diapers, shampoo or detergent) will be the last number of the
identification card which lowers the possibility of acquire them two days a week. This does not mean that you will get what you are looking for, it will be what has arrived that day at the some supermarkets you must place the fingerprint to be able to buy and they block you the purchase if you already acquired that product the previous days

Product limit

Regulated products can only be purchased in quantities limited . Two packs of diapers, no more than 2 kilos of sugar or two bottles of oil, for example. Beef is virtually gone from the markets, usually not selling more than one chicken per person.

Access to medicines

medicines are not available in Venezuela. The Venezuelan Federation of Pharmaceutics reports a shortage of medicines of 70 percent ranging from basic supplies do not get pills for thyroid problems or contraceptives, specialized for the such as and much less are available for treatment of diseases such as diabetes or cancer

Intermittent services

The services of running water and electricity suffer constant cuts throughout the country, at least three times a week the power goes out in cities such as Maracaibo .. In Caracas it is day of by means of the lack of water; In sectors, water arrives by pipe once a month. something as easy and simple as entering Steemit, uploading a post and commenting is a difficult task due to the slowness of the Internet, in some cases not only fails, but there is no services, today I could take advantage of the internet service to share with you this post. I hope you have understood a bit more about the quality of life that we Venezuelans have.


That sucks, man. Is there any hope among people there that it will get better?

the hopes are getting less
practically most of us are collecting money and planning to emigrate to neighboring countries

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Man, that's crazy! I've heard of stuff like that happening, but to hear it from someone who is actually living it, that sounds terrible. I hope you're able to get the money to move somewhere else so you can actually eat, and live.

in venezuela nothing of what happens is normal, steemit is an escape route and that people from other parts know what happens here
thanks for your good wishes man

i'm hearing argentina is getting fucked up too. i really hope steem gives you a bit of help 😦