Freedom or slavery is the choice. Most people are choosing slavery and it sickens me to see it.

in #blog4 years ago

What interesting times we live in.

A world full of scared, brainwashed and ignorant children who still believe they need to be ruled and that government is here to help them.

What a sorry state of affairs.

Is there a way back from this? I hope so but I am not convinced. The "New Normal" is being accepted by most without a whimper.

Although the 'scamdemic' came out of nowhere, the conditions which made it possible to get the entire world to beg to have their freedoms taken away have taken generations to achieve.

Those who control the levers of power (I don't mean governments I mean the real controllers who sit above) haven't really done anything new. They've used the same old techniques they always do in the knowledge that the vast majority of citizens of planet earth are children in adults bodies who are so brainwashed and mind controlled they will do whether they are told as long as they believe it is for the best and the orders come from 'government'.

How much longer can this shit go on for? When are people going to wake up?

By the looks of it, not anytime soon.

I used to sign off with the words, "Stay Safe" but I'm not doing it any more because everyone has started saying it.



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