Atmosphere near dusk on the Ulee Lheue river

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Continuing last night's post about the twilight on the Uleeheue beach, I also took some pictures about the atmosphere of the river at Ulee Lheeu. The bridge where I stand is a separator between the sea and the existing river.


The atmosphere that is around the Ulee river lheeu. looks calm before dusk. Many small bots of fishermen parked after returning from fishing. On the side of the bridge, it is also used by fishermen to make crab custody that are managed intensively. Most local residents have a profession as fishermen, because the village of Ulee Lheue is on the coast.

Besides that, Ulee lheue Village is a tourist destination area. Many residents of Banda Aceh spend weekend holidays visiting Ulee lheue village to enjoy the atmosphere on the beach with their families. Hope you like it.




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