deficiency and excess gusion hero assassin in mobile legend

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imagehy friend steemit familiar gusikan hero assassin in the legend mobile is very handsome following are advantages and disadvantages of gusion

Very LivelyDamage High Excess Of Skill Held

  1. Very Lively

The first is indeed in accordance with the average hero assassin in general. Yes lilahnya like like a Lancelot.


  1. High Damage

Similarly like the new Lancelot release, where the damage is owned by Gossen is similar to the damage hero Lancelot at the beginning of its appearance.

  1. Advantages Of Owned Skill

Dagger Specialist (passive): provides additional damage from the enemy's HP after the enemy gets three stacks of attack. Sword Spike: Gossen will throw a dagger in the enemy's direction and generate 200 (+ 50% Total Physical ATK) damage. Every enemy hit by the attack will be marked with a dagger on it and you can attack it again with a skill like teleportShadowblade Slaughte: throw five daggers at the enemy and generate 105 (+ 50% Extra Physical ATK) damage. Once thrown, you can reverse the blade again with the damae 70 (+ 30% Extra Physical ATK) .Incandescent (ultimate): allows him to perform a teleport-like move towards the enemy. By activating this skill ulti the first and second cooldown skill will reset and movement speed increase 30%.

ExpensiveBoros ManaHp LembekDamp Used

  1. Expensive Price

Until now this GUSO hero is sold for 32,000 battle points.

  1. wasteful mana

Just like any other assassin, GUSA hero is also very wasteful where it will be. So in the case of the use of this hero later, I strongly advise you to take the buff, and should not forget it.

  1. Hp Soft

Remember yes Gusion is entered into the role assassin, he is not a tanker that has HP tebel and able to withstand a lot of attacks.

And because he does not have a HP that thick, then of course it makes Gusion is not suitable to be a hero opener war.


  1. Difficult to Use

Although not as bad as Fanny, hehe .. But you certainly need some practice first before trying or passive using this hero.

Well that's the advantages and disadvantages of GUSA hero, for the gameplay later, it all depends on your own as a pilot, is already memorized withGide Gossen, ranging from Build, Skill, Match Emblem,
hopefully useful for all of you


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