Scored Big at the Farmer's Market Today

in blog •  5 months ago

Today was an amazing day at the Farmer's Market

We try to go every Thursday and get whatever fruits and vegetables we can find. Today was extra special, since we one the weekly raffle! Lots and lots of goodies!

About half of this was purchased, the other half was from the raffle.

We were delighted bringing home this haul of goodies. What is your favorite thing to buy at the farmer's market?


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Bless the Most High!

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yum indeed!

howdy sir ironshield! wow ya'll scored big time didn't ya? I see a couple bottles of the Motor City BBQ sauce right as well? haha. all looks wonderful!


Do you like spicy things?

A very good trip for sure, Excellent haul; you will be eating well. I am happy for you.



Any time, so when does the salsa party begin? Everybody is ready, ROFLOL!


Farmers' markets aren't really a thing here. I wish they were. We were promised one a few years ago but it turned up to be one of those only the extremely rich can buy anything at. :(


Someday in the Kingdom of Heaven, every family will recline under their own vine and fig tree.

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