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  Hi, guys!  

 Here I decided to share my diet progress, and share some thoughts about it. 

First of all, I no longer call it a diet. I’m just learning to eat healthy, and word diet is irritating. So, I switched it to learning how to eat healthy, and now it reflects what I do more. Diet is something that has time frames, while healthy eating is something that must stay with me for all my life. So – no more diet. It’s a new concept instead.  


 Second – you have to give yourself some time. If you (like me) used to eat with big servings it must be changed. And it will take time to change, cause your stomach must get used to new amounts of food, to get smaller. It took me about a week, and after a week passed I started feeling that I no longer want to eat “the whole watermelon”.  

 Third – to get use to this new concept and to have possibility to follow this concept (both!) you must love yourself. If you missed this post where I shared how my new concept looks – please get back to it, I don’t want to recur. Now imagine these servings and this amount of food. You start thinking about what exactly do you eat, how exactly do you do it, and what kind of food comes to your body. You start listening to your body more and more, figuring out what it wants. You receive a possibility to hear it’s signals, they are no longer covered with huge layer of unneeded food.  

 What I did after a week – I bought some new cups and bowls. Small, so that I could feel that my food doesn’t look lonely and miserable on a big plate lolJ And now I have special cups and bowls for my new eating concept.  

 You know, earlier I was trying to find a drawn up diet to follow it, but always had the same problem: when I read in the first line “have a meal from 100500 components for your breakfast” I immediately thought “Urgh, fuck that, it’s too complicated. Plus I never eat such things”. And now it seems to me that soon I will make more complicated meals for myself, cause I start loving doing it. Plus when you eat much less you can buy much more qualitative food. So it also works for this love to yourself.  

 See you in the next post!

Love, Inber  

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