The Blogger: A look on Bots and bots alike

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You might have probably known by now that there are many bots existing here in the Steemit community. If you don't, you might want to go and check Steem Bot Tracker and see the list of reputable bots.

From what I know there are three kinds of bots; a bot that upvotes, a bot that promote posts and a bot that do both. These can be of great help as envisioned by many but in most experiences, they can ruin your blogging career.

As I've mentioned on my last post in Opinion Outpost: Do you know what destroyed the integrity of Steemit?, the number of steemians has greatly increased in number when Steemit became more known to many and more and more people were registering and becoming part of the community.

It was hard to get noticed by many so promotional services has become a necessity to most steemians. Steemit has its own promotional service. However, as someone said, no one checks them. Do you?

But you can still see steemians using it, so that is something to think about. Do promoted posts using steemit's built in promotion feature appear on selected steemians' feeds? Are they voted automatically by random steemians? Do posts promoted by bots also appear in the Promoted section of Steemit? Questions like these are sure a thing to know to understand how bots and promotion in Steemit works.

Are bots healthy to the Steemit community?

Yes they are but not all. It's important to know that anything too much is not good. With all the many bots popping everywhere, it is easy to new steemians who uses random bots to drown in the illusion of having your post upvoted by many.

It is a chance to have your post promoted in many bloggers' feeds but it actually depends on the blogger whether to upvote or not. I don't know if you automatically call a resteemer a bot because they do the same things as bots.

A week ago, @therealwolf has posted his take on this issue through his post: Don't waste your hard earned STEEM & SBD and just yesterday @chbartist posted his side on using promotional bots which he mentioned in his post: Building a Successful Business.

These two have clearly said what they have in mind and are raising awareness on bots and promotional services, what are their downside and how should they properly be used.

What if Bots do not exist in the platform?

We have to admit that bots have helped many authors in many ways and how they brought tremendous change on a blogger's career is game changing. With their effectiveness, it's easy to say that they became vital to a blogger.

Another question comes to mind. What if bots did not existed in the platform? Isn’t it pretty interesting? What if there were no bots around? What could probably be the flow of blogging here in Steemit?

Probably, everyone needs to uplift the engagement in between authors and do others a favor. As there will be no advantages and sudden results in terms of promotions, one might need to go and do hard work to get many readers engaging on its post. Also, only true quality contents will make it to the trending page.

Why do you think Bots were created?

I actually don't know the correct and precise answer on this since I wasn't already present on the old days of steemit but I can tell you what I think about it.

We know that resteeming content is not for everybody. Not all wants to resteem other author's content to have them in their own blog pages. Maybe we can say the same with upvoting, in the essence that you cannot get everybody to upvote a desired content.

It is probably one of the reasons why bots became a solution to the problem. Bots resteem any contents just for a certain amount and you can find one which provides certain numbers of upvotes in return.

I know it could not be the reason but this is what I think and it's just a guess. Well, whatever may be the reason, hey sure did come up with an effective solution.

How about you, what do you think? Are bots healthy to the community? What if bots do not exist in the platform, what do you think will blogging in Steemit be like? Also, why do you think bots were created in the first place?

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