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Yesterday, the three of us went out to a state park. We had a picnic after Dr appointment. We pretty much lost track of time, leaving well after lil ones bed time. When I tried to put her in her carseat she hugged me with both arms and legs..LOL kids...

I spent much of the night, thinking quietly. Because of the love for my daughter....

Mind kept returning to CPS and Freedom is an Illusion posts.. there is so much to tell, but some reason I cant fit it all into one post. I see so many posts in #familyprotection, that stir righteous anger inside me...that burns a million times more intensly then the sun...

So I decided it was best to offer up energy that I possess to those that need it. Some call this prayer, some call it other things...whatever. Its really the best I can do.

If anyone ever has questions about CPS or my series please just write me on discord. I will keep an open door, to those in need. (ihashblox#3475)

I have been weighing whether or not to become a lawyer. Unsure, if becoming a lawyer I lose my spiritual sovereignity. If thats the case, I'll find another way. Certain that this is what I am meant to do. Help others. But not willing to sacrifice my treasure, its all i really have.

We are all in this together.

Later all

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