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It is hard to understand what happens in the cryptocurrency markets and in commerce in general. It is hard to make a decision between the path of loss or the path of profit. It also costs you a lot.

but ...


Nothing more ...

That's what it is. Being able to analyze, create hypotheses and other things but in the end the decision is made from our instinct. That's why, at the end of the button you press it.


If you are going to walk at night, in the middle of the night and you see that in the corner of the street where you are, you are in the two types, the knife, the hand and the black dresses. Get away, leave that area as soon as possible. Well, obviously, you do not have to look for logical reasoning for yourself, just as the decision is made from the experience of your life and your visits for the visit are more likely to be stolen or killed, the logic is already present, can you explain?

This happens in commerce, experience is making the decision. After a great loss and you will know that if you go through the same place again, you will not make the same decision you made a long time ago. The logic of commerce is pure human instinct . For example, that instinct is present at the moment when we do it, we want to buy it, something that will go up but we keep looking for reasoning to NOT buy it for the same reason. After the days, we realize that cryptocurrency went up to 45% of its value and we regret not having bought it before. THAT IS THE HUMAN INSTINCT THAT WAS PRESENT IN OUR DECISIONS .

The development of the instinct is pure human experience. It is necessary to make mistakes and learn from it. We can not think of making better decisions just by reading an article or just watching a video. The best decisions come from our instinct, from that voice that tells us and tells us what is best for us. We need to learn to listen to that voice when making decisions and that is only possible if we experience and learn, if we fall and get up.

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