Contest For Bloggers (Less Than A Month To Participate)

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Hi guys, the contest for bloggers that I'm holding right now is going to close within a month. Here's the details as repeated many times before. There are only FOUR entries.

Hi guys, we’re going to host our very first contest for bloggers and it’s only limited to those who own blogs (e.g. WordPress, Blogger, etc.) - [To be clear, blogs outside of Steemit].

It’s more of a giveaway rather than a contest, because the winners will be picked randomly out of all of the eligible entries.

Even so, you have to fulfil the requirements of the giveaway to participate.

What is this contest about?

As this contest is for bloggers, the theme of the contest is Why did you start a blog?”.

I do write on blogging tips as well, so it’s more suited to my niche and I’m curious to see what your answers will be.

This contest / giveaway is also to spread awareness of this website (Ordinary Reviews).

How to participate

Write a blog post with not less than 300 words on any (1) of the following topics / themes:





In your blog post, link back to this contest post on my personal blog - - so that your readers will know about this contest. There is no specific anchor text to use.

Once you’ve completed steps 1 & 2, please submit your blog post URL in this Google Form.

That’s it. Only 3 steps are required. A random online generator will be used to determine the winners (among the eligible blog entries).

Please help to share your blog post on social media as well if possible, but it’s not mandatory and you can still win even if you don’t.

Prizes for the contest

The prizes for this contest / giveaway are Amazon Gift Cards.

Instead of giving away specific items that some may not like, perhaps gift cards are more universal and you can buy whatever you like with it on Amazon.

Note: the prizes are NOT sponsored by or affiliated with Amazon. You will need to provide an email address to receive the virtual gift cards as well.

Distribution of prizes:

1st place: USD 100 Amazon Gift Card

2nd place: USD 70 Amazon Gift Card

3rd place: USD 30 Amazon Gift Card


The deadline of this contest is by 22nd September 2018.

Winners will be announced around a week after the deadline.


Original blog post:

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Resteemed and retweeted! All the best to the participants!

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You are most welcome! 😉

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Thanks heaps. I'm on my way to create one.


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