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The holiday season is finally over but winter is still here slowly eating away at my soul. The past few months have been a whirlwind of sleeping in late, working myself to the bone at the job, then coming back to party the rest of the nights away. Days and weeks have begun to all blend together as the monotony of the job sets in. There are rumors about looking for new careers or even quitting the industry all together among the crew.

As the tensions rose during the final months of the year many of us were pushed to our breaking points one way or another. It was inevitable because normal people are not meant to endure such conditions for so long. We are simply humans and we have needs, emotions and egos too. At times it becomes hard to maintain composure in the face of extreme stress.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years were all sacrificed this year so I could chase the dollar. Mainly it's because we don't get to choose whether we have holidays off or not- they are blacked out for request offs. Also because I chose a profession where I really don't get all of the perks of a 9-5 job. Although for me it isn't such a big deal because none of my family lives nearby and I am honestly over the whole materialistic ideals behind consumer America's Christmas... It's just another day in my eyes.

The job itself hasn't been too horrible, if you ask me, because I've been through all of this before and it is also the most financially rewarding time of the year. That money doesn't come easy since it is earned with actual blood, sweat and tears. Being a veteran of this trade I know what I'm going into and I mentally prepare myself for the absolute sh*tshow ahead of time. "I've done this before and I'll do it again." I tell myself, "Just another day in paradise, it will be worth it in the end." as I put my head down and just plug away.

You can visibly see the frustration, anger and irritation in the faces and body language of my co-workers on these big holidays. Many of them missing out on family time or a significant other's company yet still having to put the mask in front of their tables. There is something almost sadistic about having to watch someone else have the time of their life while you are making such meaningful sacrifices in your own personal life. Missing out on the experiences that other people get to enjoy and that are so deeply engrained in our culture and childhood memories.

I know what I signed up for and there are no regrets no matter how much it sucks sometimes. The old saying "No pain no gain." is certainly true in more ways than one. The question is how much pain are you willing to endure?

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