Why the ECCO 'Free Energy' reactor may not produce Neutrons or gamma radiation

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With the release of the recent 'CAB Story', that potentially points to that elusive 'strong evidence of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions', there has been some desirable consideration of the potential release of high energy gammas and neutrons.

Suhas Ralkar's experience

When I was with Suhas, at the time he first told me he had Titanium in his fuel, I asked if he had any radiation monitoring, he said no. When I was at his lab, I asked him if he was concerned about radiation and he said no, however, he did say that, as a precaution, only 4 people, including me had ever been into the reactor room. As I stood there, throwing care to the wind taking videos, I considered what I and he may be exposing ourselves to based on the advice that Piantelli had shared with us in January 2015. I felt, well - at least I'll know if he was right!

Suhas did say that he had been doing this for 18 months without problems and that helped ease my fears, since he did look very fit for a man of his age.

Desire to test for neutrons

People just don't accept excess heat, there is always a reason against anything observed. Here, with the 'instant on' ECCO reactor, we may have had a chance to see stimulated neutron emissions of a specific energy (255keV) - this would be very compelling, even on camera.

Still running blind, the MFMP made sure we had a range of neutron detection tools ready to be deployed in India and had fully tested them in the GS5.3 (Goldwater 6Li detector) and AURA (Higgins 3He detectors) experiments. Owing to the cost of flights - I was to go out with the 4 bubble detectors and do a first pass with an out of the loop, fully fledged nuclear scientist, in the form of Dr. George Egeley in tow, the idea being that he would know what to do if the situation arose.

Had we seen neutrons, we would have called in the fully tooled cavalry from US.

Sample testing

I had managed to booked a session at the university to test the me356 samples, owing to holidays of the university staff, this was going to be the only possible time to test before we went to India. I hoped, and quite frankly prayed, that the second set of ECCO samples from India (including first ash samples) would arrive before the booked slot, they did not.

With just an hour to go, I got word that some fat letters had arrived, I asked for them to be brought up to the lab - they were Suhas' samples. Someone had booked the afternoon session on the SEM/EDX, but after some pleading, they agreed to forgo their slot till later in the month so we could continue testing.

The operator of the unit was surprised to see evidence for Vanadium, so was I, for different reasons.

In to the breech

So, now I was to be going to test a device where we did have some evidence that Piantelli was right. That made it immensely frustrating when we could not get access to the lab - I cannot begin to tell you how annoying that was.


So, given the circumstances, and given that Suhas may get access to the lab again, there was nothing to do but, on the last full day with him, reveal the potential things he must consider.

Following this and at the earliest possible juncture, the MFMP board agreed to consider our strategy for revealing the information which led to 'CAB Story'.

Strange radiation

ECCO samples do seem to be producing particle tracks of some kind - so it does look like they have undergone some novel processes.

Further tests discussed here

Why the ECCO 'Free Energy' reactor may not produce Neutrons or gamma radiation

Ionising radiation and neutron release, may only happen when a certain shielding condition breaks down. This seemed to be the case in late 2013 when we were able to create a measurable photon signal when flash cooling and re-pressurising our Celani cells with H2, since that reactor had a leak.

This was a case that we were intimately aware of, however, there are others that claim that radiation is only present when the reaction is outside a certain set of conditions. In the case of Charge Clusters, Kenneth shoulders said that reactions that happen inside a charge cluster do note present particles and ionising radiation outside them. He is not the only one, a German scientist, Lutz Jaitner who gives the name "condensed plasmoids" to basically the same thing, says this

CP enable nuclear reactions between the ions via its ultra-high density and the strong electronic screening of the Coulomb barrier.

The gamma and neutron radiation of nuclear reactions inside the plasma wire is suppressed, because the ultra-dense electron current in the plasma wire provides high dampening of the dipole oscillation of excited nuclei.


Fig 1: CP coiling up in a closed loop via magnetic self-interaction SOURCE


The Celani cell in 2013 may have had some form of surface plasmon or other 'protection' which was destroyed with the momentary flash cooling of the wire, but coherency was returned a little while later as the protective 'shield' re-formed.

Piantelli / Focardi et al 1994 reactor had no plasma / glow discharge / plasmons etc. on the inside reactor steel containing the Vanadium, so any gammas or neutrons produced from the interaction between protons and Vanadium in the steel were free to exit into the environment as they were produced.

In the case of the ECCO reactor, it has a dynamic glow discharge environment, this might continuously produce 'charge clusters' / 'condensed plasmoids' / surface plasmons in which all of the reactions take place. These are constantly re-built. The neutrons and high energy gamma might only be produced in abundance when the reactor is running at which time they may be shielded. Only the residual long 601keV decay, which would be easy to shield would remain.

It is possible therefore, that unlike the Piantelli/Focardi 1994 reactor, the ECCO reactor may not produce observable neutrons or high energy gammas during operation. Only testing will confirm this.


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