The Coming Storm - Day 3 - FEAR

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A storm is brewing, a great storm, the kind of storm that unfolds once in every several generations.

Watch, listen and learn.

Scoundrels are many and they sell the same story, a story of FEAR!

We must have MEDICARE for all! Or no one will have access to a doctor and they will die!

We must have GUN CONTROL! Or every child will be shot dead!

We must have a HIGHER INCOME TAX! Rich people are stealing your wealth!

We must have a Carbon Tax! If not the world will end!

We must increase PROPERTY TAXES! If we do not the children will attend poor schools!

We must have ENDLESS WARS! We must fight our enemies in their backyard not ours!

We must have OPEN BORDERS! We must be a moral people and allow anyone to have all public benefits!

We must bash the FASCIST! There are NAZIS everywhere in the world!

We must have UNIVERSAL INCOME! If not the people will starve!


It never ends. The scoundrels always deal in fear and death.

They always deal in pie in the sky schemes, that only increase their power and the size of their bank accounts.


In Venezuela there is fear. A scoundrel took over the land. He promised universal health care, education, fair taxation and he was a man of the people.

He took away the right of the Venezuelans to own guns. There was no need for firearms when he is a man of the PEOPLE. The people are starving, while the Generals eat steak. When the people protest, the government sends in troops. The people are unarmed, having given up their rights, or perhaps having been stolen from them by the scoundrels.

Fear grips a nation!

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Ronald Reagan

Our society is pulling apart by the seems. The most dangerous force upon the Earth is a National Government that seeks to dominate its people.


Medicare for all, means the government controls.
Taxes, means the government controls.
Gun control, means the government controls with impunity.
War, means the government controls.

Be prepared.

I survived the aftermath of a hurricane where there was no way out the waters surrounded my town, no power, and no running water for 10 days. The government was not there to help.

I had food and water and a way to cook. It was like camping in my house.

I truly believe that what is about to transpire shall be far greater than 10 days - and the government will not be there to help.

Be prepared to take care of yourself, your family and if you can your neighbors as well.

Most importantly - BE NOT AFRAID!

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You could not live where I live I guess. (No arms, all insured ) but believe it is pretty nice here and still feels free.