Should cupcakes be banned?

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I love cupcakes. LOVE them! I never really cared about them until I became pregnant, at which point, during my third trimester, I developed a craving for them. This turned into an obsession, which, once the baby was born, put cupcakes squarely into my life where they belonged.

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My son is 6 months old, so I wouldn't be aware of the alarming -- and growing -- trend of banning cupcakes in schools. I get where the banners are coming from. Cupcakes are bad for you. They're made of sugar and butter and all those delicious things that I think it would ultimately sad to deprive our kids of.

But, I get where the banners are coming from. Start kids with sweets now and they could end up as obese kids soon enough, and obese adults later.

Still, I agree with the sentiment of a recent New York Times article. In it cupcakes are likened to apple pie. Some consider them to be the new definition of Americana.

Reading this article I thought about all the opportunities I had to eat cupcakes when I was growing up. Most of the time I declined them -- after all, even at a young age I knew they were bad for me, full of sugar and butter. They became the enemy. Well, frenemy -- special occasions merited a bite or two.

My grandmother never made cupcakes. She made pies, the old edible ideal of Americana. Reading about cupcakes made me wish she had.

What's interesting to me is that in the article the banning of cupcakes from classrooms is discussed, but so is the backlash. I think it's a pretty sweet fight.

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