[Blog] Done with the first round of job interview #1!

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It wasn't bad actually

My very first software developer interview was quite decent, to be honest.
I was lucky since the recruiter lady (girl rather) was super nice and she was only curious about my life and personality. I can't be bad at being myself so I think I did alright he-he. I am likely to be called in for the second round interview on which I will be asked Tech questions by the company's Development Manager - I feel like I gotta prepare for that to be confident.

However, today's topics/questions on the interview were:

  • Why I want to work at the company?
  • What is important for me in a job?
  • What kind of professional experience do I have?
  • We pretty much talked through my CV
  • I completed a personality questionnaire of 200 questions before the interview -> we analyzed that

So no biggie really, no unexpected topics at all.

At the programming school I go to we have trial interviews to be able to practice this kind of situations but this did feel different. In reality, you are not being examined but its more like you talk to a recruiter to see whether the company would be a good place for you or not. This felt easier.

What felt strange though is that I had the urge to speak and prove myself as much as possible. I had no chance to ruin things by talking too much since the recruiter spent quite a lot of time talking about the company. At the times I was just listening I felt anxious because I could not show what good fit I could be - I think this should get better with more interviews.

[Here is the article where I described the position I applied for]

Edit: Sorry for all of you because in the recent days my engagement level was quite low. Hopefully, it will get a lot better after Friday. I really miss reading interesting articles and communicating with people on Steem, but I have time to post only once a day quickly and that's it.

Thank you for reading my article!

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I think this should get better with more interviews.

It does! Though in my first interview I wasn't as nervous, I can tell you that it does get easier the more you do it.

With time, you'll start to notice a pattern among all the interviewers and how to answers their questions more confidently and expressively.

It can be difficult at first, no doubt, but I wanna tell you what a guy once told me before my interview to help me with staying confident. He said, "The job is already yours. You are going in there to tell them why."

Hope you do well on the second round. All the best buddy! :)


haha, very good advice :D
Oh, I didn't know you had an article about your job interview too. Gon' read that when I have a spare 5 minutes. All the best for you too! :)


Thank you! I wish the same for you man :)

Wow that's really nice. Usually in India the first round of interview will be an aptitude test. There will be a lot of maths questions to solve. Then following that there will questions to test analytical and logical thinking. Then only we actually meet the candidates to know more about them.

If the candidate is an experienced individual we will not be having any aptitude tests. By the way all the best for your next rounds.


Yeah, interesting. In Hungary, the procedure depends on the company. This is a relatively small start-up at which the development manager is super busy in my opinion. For this reason they check first whether your personality could fit in the company and only then show you to the important people.

It also makes sense to test technical knowledge first since without it it does not matter how good of a person you are. :)

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Good luck with the next phase of the interview process. I just stopped by to show support to another member of @paulag's Redfish Powerup League


Thank you so much! And yeah, you are absolutely right - redfishes unite! :)

Well done my friend. Glad it was on the whole a good experience.

I would have hated the 200 questions to be honest haha. It's cool that you encountered the friendly chatty lady first and also that you got to the opportunity to put across who you are and what you are about. I am sure the development manager will already be aware that you are an awesome guy by the time the tech interview comes around.

In many ways I guess that interview will be easier for someone with your specific skill set. I gotta share something I just read that is fabulous and proof in dreams, vision, desire and working on yourself...It is a snippet of text from a post from a long, long time ago!

currently studying tourism and hotel management at the Budapest Business School. I'm planning to learn programing after I finished my studies so maybe I can be a game developer someday...

Interesting huh? 😀

I'm not quite engagement level 9000 today, but I did want to stop by and check how your interview went man. I am incredibly happy to have met you Máté Sometimes all I want is to read posts about people, life and real things.

Take great care of yourself dude, oh yeah, you know I will be back to find out, right? 😀


Oh my god, if this is not engagement level 9000 then what is? You are like the nicest person out there :D
When I saw you quote from my oldest post I got shocked. Also it is incredible how my life went the way I wanted. Thank you so much for showing me! Sometimes people forget to appreciate what they already have.

Right now I am in a small village with my girlfriends family without good internet connection, but I am planning to check your account and dive into your articles as well :)

Keep on engaging like that, you are doing it incredibly well!

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When I stumble across people who share about themselves and seem pretty cool, I always like to go back to week one on the blockchain for them. to see how they have developed. When i read about your someday comment, it made me smile.

love to see people grabbing and shaping their destiny. that's what life is for, right?

Don't worry if you don't manage to get to my blog, the blockchain has thousands of front doors, right? 😀 It can get distracting haha. It's seriously not required or expected my friend.

Take great care and look forward to your next update on the job, fingers crossed man, but only if is the right job for you. 😃