The identity politics tirade continues

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Right on cue and not surprisingly, the people who wish to destroy all that is fun in life by bringing everyone down to their self-loathing level have struck again.

Whether or not you know (or like) Kyler Murray or not isn't really important. He is the recent winner of the Heisman Trophy for college football in the USA. Even if you don't like the sport certainly you can appreciate how difficult it might be, especially given the amount of participants, to be considered the BEST at it in all of college. There are over 750 colleges with football programs and each of them has a roster of 50 or more players. So yeah, being the best at it takes a tremendous amount of dedication and natural athletic ability.

But all of that should be taken away from you because you wrote the word "queer" when referring to your own heterosexual friends in a tweet... right? Well that is precisely what the social justice idiots would like to see done to the man.


He wrote the tweets when he was 14 and is now 21. He has apologized for writing them and I don't think he should have. In their efforts to ban all speech that ANYONE could possibly find offensive the SJW's are once again, attempting to enforce their will on everyone else and sadly, most people are playing right along, especially the media (as if you needed any more reasons to hate those guys.)

The crazy thing about these low-self-esteem-virtue-signalling monsters is that they likely are the people who do these sorts of things in the name of fighting "fascism," while they themselves are employing fascist tactics in order to achieve their goals.

I wonder if any of them have had to work on the level that Kyler Murray had to every single day of his life in order to achieve what he has gotten? I would imagine not. The cliche is that many of these people are in their 30's, living in their parents' basement, and have some sort of colored hair while they spend the entire day combing the interwebs digging for something to be offended by.

I don't know about you but if finding something offensive involves the use of technology and many days' time, you have a pretty protected and privileged life.

I sincerely hope that this is just a dark phase in what is mostly the USA's population's doing. I hope that we can look back one day and collectively facepalm. I hope that nothing bad happens to Kyler Murray's career because of this.

Give it a rest losers. Imagine the good you could do for the world if you took all that dedication to something so useless and devoted it to literally anything else.

and that is why this is

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I agree, this is absurd. Hes being raked over the coals for stuff he Tweeted when he was 14. Some people have nothing better to do than look for ways to be offended. A few days ago old Tweets cost Kevin Hart his chance to host the Oscars. Now this.

SJWs seem to survive off manufactured controversy and will gleefully destroy someone's career if it can make them feel like theyve accomplished something.

Just retarded. In South-Africa you can't say a word the equivalent to the N word in SA and you will get a 2 year sentence.
But you can say kill the white farmer and its only your opinion.

More to come for you my friend, much much more.

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No one should be held accountable for what they said online when they were in high school. People are dumb when they’re in high school. 😜


first off you have an amazing username and I am quite pleased that video was difficult to come by when i was in high school. I am sure i did / said all the dumb S**T that people say these days but there is no record of it :)

Kyler has agreed and the A's agreed to a baseball contract that gave him permission to play college football through the end of the collegiate season


another amazing point about this guy. He could have gone pro in multiple sports. I think he chose the correct one. Baseball players have much longer careers and normally bigger contracts.

No one should be held accountable for what they said online when they were in high school. People are dumb when they’re in high school. 😜


i know i was. i might still be now!

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