The Democratic Socialists of America convention is comedy GOLD!

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The true hilarity of this convention is that it really really appears to be a sketch comedy program that is making a caricature of political movements but unless there are some seriously talented plants that have infiltrated their ranks, these are actual moments in an actual convention with actual voters who truly believe the things that are going on here.

The first few clips I saw, I was convinced that I was watching some sort of extremely well-done comedy show, but ermagerd, this is an actual convention and it is just priceless.


I don't want to get into anyone's politics here, that is not the point. I personally think Socialism is a bad idea but I'm not gonna try to tell anyone what to think. However, this S**T-show got "off the rails" right from the start and things did not bet better for the organizers as it carried on.

From not allowing applause because it could "trigger" audience members, to requiring that any speaker state their preferred pronouns before speaking, this gathering seems almost impossible to control. There are so many rules that I can't even imagine how anything of substance could ever be discussed. It seems as though any time some sort of discourse would begin, it would be interrupted by an audience member bitching about certain aspects of the "show" that offended them or was causing something like "sensory overload."

These clips have been making the rounds and I have to be honest in saying that I actually feel bad for the organizers on stage and also admire their extremely profound levels of patience. The above video is just a snippet of some of the more ridiculous moments but there are some much longer clips easily accessed online.

Don't get the wrong idea... I'm not trying to say anything about anyone's politics, but I think it is kind of impossible to watch these clips without facepalming continually.

I will actually say that I admire that there are liberals out there that are taking the criticism of these clips quite well and also recognize that they are not immune to criticism and are agreeing that the convention, especially the aspects that are highlighted in the mockery of it, are warranted. Whether or not you identify with Socialism, i think that it is definitely admirable that someone can "take it on the chin" when faced with a situation like this.

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Took some time to listen to this... But I had to turn the volume down so as not to get triggered....yup.


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Yep! Very funny! Saw a clip the other day! I thought they were acting in a comedy!
This could not be real, coins it?!
Impossible but true in this dimension!

In my opinion, the two sides are doing theatre. Each of the politicians takes turns doing their shows!

The saddest is us sitting in the audience.

So we are really sure this isn't a satire or something like that? I haven't seen this personally, but I have read your one or two posts about it. It seems pretty crazy if you ask me.

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