📸 A moment of self reflection

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📸 A moment of self-reflection I've wondered all my life who we are and why we are. And as I sit here in this place, I realize that I should at least enjoy this moment to the fullest. Who I am and why I exist are questions that I may be better off not getting answered. So that I have a task that accompanies me all my life and that I can strive for it all my life. You have a dream until you fulfill it and have a dream is beautiful. So I keep him till my last breath. As a child I always imagined that immediately before death I would have a moment in which I would understand EVERYTHING HERE.


Maybe even after death... Who knows. I wait longingly for this "aha" moment and until then I try to be grateful and enjoy this gift called life with all the cosmic energy I carry within me. We're not just here, and we're not just gonna be gone. Like this beautiful sea, which sometimes retreats and sometimes comes back, sometimes is more aggressive and sometimes as gentle as the hand of a mother stroking her newborn child. There are those moments when I feel connected to all the matter and all the feelings of all living beings. Live for your dreams and dream for your lives. Copyright: Gol D. Pic


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I think all of us are searching for that "aha" moment. It's a lifetime pursuit for many, and few ever experience it. Stay positive my friend!

The sun set is amazing!