Something from my bar whenever I feel like it episode DCCLXXIV

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Who doesn't like clowns and Coke-Cola? Well I guess a lot of people don't like clowns and I prefer Pepsi. Anyway this is an old piece from back in 1997. It features an old time Coke machine and a clown (Emmett Kelly) drinking a bottle of Coke. The title of the piece is Put on a Happy Face. Emmett Kelly was famous clown who always had a sad face. The piece shows him taking off the frown mask and smiling while drinking a coke. I don't know if this was part of some advertising campaign but I remember the put on a happy face from a song in some old commercials. The penny on the floor beside the machine has the Coke logo on it as well. No that isn't dirt beside the penny that is part of the figurine. Guess someone spilled some Coke there. This is a limited edition piece with 9900 made. This one is number 2555

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