Something from my bar whenever I feel like it episode DCCLXXIII

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Every bar needs that one good set of glasses just in case of a fancy party. Well here is my set or at least part of it. The set is huge. I've shown 4 types of glasses here. Thee are at least 6 more types in the set. 2 different champagne glasses, 2 wine, margarita, water glass in addition to what is shown. I think there are 8 of each glass type. Could be more of the water and rock glasses as I have them stacked 2 high in the cabinet. That means at least 80 glasses in the set. They are crystal. As you can see the fingerprint very easily. Now I need to wash these 4 plus the others I moved to get them.

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@fubar-bdhr, Awesome glasses for sure and you said right, these are perfect for an celebration and these holds the great Design.

And in my opinion whenever we visit restaurant and any eatery places we see for the glasses and if they hold unique design that throws great Impression.

And if i want to say more then i will say that this holds the ancient beauty and in my opinion it also holds the essence of Palace Set.

So, thanks for sharing these Artistic glasses with us and hope that you had fun and great time.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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