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Is anybody out there on this Presidents Day? Need something to fill those empty spaces? Tired of hearing about The Wall? Well too bad here is an episode dedicated to The Wall. Pink Floyd's The Wall that is. This is an old VHS (yes it was an actual format not just something from comedy routines) copy of The Wall. I've had this since high school. Watched it a couple of times but haven't seen it in over 20 years. Back in the days of 13 channel TV, VCRs with manual tuners, stereos that still had 8-track, cassette, record and CD players. Cabling nightmare to get the sound from the VCR to the stereo. Had to go from the VCR to an old record player then out to the newer stereo. Gave a good boost in volume doing that too. Word of caution when that glass gets smashed don't have your volume over 120% with power boost on. In retrospect using another stereo as a pre-amp might not have been a good idea. That was the end of that poor speaker. So if your tired of all the politics grab a cold one and get comfortably numb. Pop in the movie and Trump won't be the only asshole talking.

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