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You heard that right. 200 Episodes!!!!. That's a log of stuff to keep dusted and I'm not done yet. Already have enough pics ready to go for another 54 episodes. So far I still have only missed one day since starting. With bonus episodes for the Holidays and now NASCAR speed week I'm over an average of 1 a day. Not sure how long I can keep it up. Should make 300 not sure if I will make 365 or not. With that said here is the recap of the episodes in case you missed some.

Liquor Bottles/Decanters

Episode 104 Henninger German Beer Mini Keg
Episode 106 Beam's Choice Milk Glass bottle
Episode 113 Bonded Beam
Episode 120 Stuffed Eagle
Episode 127 Paul Masson Rare Cream Sherry
Episode 134 Budweiser Holiday Gift Set
Episode 148 Jagermeister Gift Set
Episode 151 Old Fitzgerad
Episode 158 Seagrams 7 Crown
Episode 165 Old Forester
Episode 172 OFC Canadian
Episode 179 1962 Wine bottle
Episode 186 Windsor Canadian Guardsman
Episode 193 Monkey Bottle


Episode 101 Hendrick Motor Sports car set
Episode 108 M&M Candies car
Episode 115 Hershey's Milk Chocolate car
Episode 122 AT&T car
Episode 129 Jeff Gordon Foundation Santa car
Episode 142 Jeff Gordon Foundation Roudolph car
Episode 153 Jeff Gordon Bar Thing
Episode 159 Jeff Gordon Mechanics Gloves
Episode 160 Jack Daniels Car
Episode 167 Reese's car
Episode 174 Cingular Wireless car
Episode 181 Kevin Harvick Pennzoil Gold car
Episode 188 Miniature Helmet
Episode 195 Jeff Gordon Lunch Box
Episode 198 Daytona 500 The Muppets car
Episode 200 Daytona 500 Toy Story and Beyond car

Off the Wall

Episode 107 Molson Mirror
Episode 114 The Silver Bullet light
Episode 121 Seagram's 7 Mirror
Episode 128 Miller High Life Mirror
Episode 166 Blatz Light
Episode 173 Star Trek Generations
Episode 180 2008 Far Side calendar
Episode 187 Sponge Bob toilet seat


Episode 103 Bud Ice Penguin
Episode 117 Bud Man
Episode 132 Clydesdale Mug
Episode 136 Pair of Budweiser Holiday Steins
Episode 146 Santa Mug
Episode 155 Bud Clydesdale Holiday Stein
Episode 162 Bud Clydesdale Winter Stein
Episode 169 Windmill
Episode 176 Bud Frog
Episode 193 Louie the Lizard
Episode 190 German Stein
Episode 197 Jeff Gordon 2001 Champion Stein


Episode 109 Star Wars Trilogy Stamps
Episode 111 Star Wars Pepsi Cans group 1
Episode 116 Star Wars Millennium Falcon Gold Card
Episode 118 Star Wars Pepsi Cans group 2
Episode 119 Star Trek Ship Puzzles
Episode 123 C-3PO Ornament
Episode 125 Star Wars Pepsi Cans group 3
Episode 126 Star Trek Triazzle
Episode 130 Naboo Royal StarShip Ornament
Episode 131 Kirk Ornament
Episode 133 Spock Ornament
Episode 135 Star Trek Mini Ship Ornaments
Episode 137 Klingon Bird of Prey Ornament
Episode 139 Captain Picard Ornament
Episode 142 Commander Riker Ornament
Episode 143 Gungan Submarine Ornament
Episode 147 Star Trek Voyager Ornament
Episode 148 Star Wars Pepsi Cans group 4
Episode 149 Romulan Warbird Ornament
Episode 154 Star Trek 30 years stamps
Episode 156 Star Wars Pepsi Cans group 5
Episode 157 Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzle
Episode 161 Star Wars Episode I Yo-Yo
Episode 163 Star Wars Pepsi cans group 6
Episode 164 Star Wars Episode I puzzle
Episode 168 Star Wars Dark Empire CD set
Episode 175 Star Wars Phone Cards
Episode 182 Micro Machines Star Wars Pod Racer
Episode 189 Star Trek All Good Things stamps
Episode 196 Star Wars Lego Speeders


Episode 102 Ohio State Bottle Light
Episode 110 Pittsburgh Steelers Bottle Light
Episode 140 Ohio State Pennant
Episode 144 Brutus Beanie
Episode 145 Brutus Ornament
Episode 178 Ohio State Puzzle
Episode 194 Olympic Pins


Episode 105 Star Trek UNO
Episode 112 Tiddly Drinks
Episode 124 Buck Knife 100 Years
Episode 150 Coca Cola Snow Man Puzzle
Episode 152 Snow Man Light
Episode 170 Money Puzzle
Episode 171 The Swimsuit Deck
Episode 177 Wizard Candle
Episode 185 Led Zeppelin Box Set II
Episode 191 Beer Nut
Episode 192 Titanium Shot Glasses
Episode 194 Deer Head Weather Station
Episode 199 Pink Floyd The Wall VHS

First 100 Episode Recap

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