Life or not

in blog •  16 days ago

It is concealed beneath many layers, but hidden beneath many layers shifted to the other side.

And the only truth is that you have created countless factors, innumerable experiences and complex beings that make countless dreams.

Everyone is a second chance referee and if you have a chance, it is your hope. Before bright glare

: we hope and never give up. Tell me who can eliminate such beauty despite all the negativity.

I hope you're the one holding your dreams, and there's everyone in it.

Hope is happiness, heart, dreams, joy, life.

Every new day is yours to breathe and wake up.

Your expectations are boiling because you want to continue where you left off; In addition to assimilation and embrace.

Hopefully every new time zone and new day are the beauties.

Love is hope, love, light hope

I hope your hopes never run out.

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