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I'm sick of bots on this site. Their wrecking the experience.... I take 20 or so minutes a day to leave simple comments like looks good... looks tasty. On food posts.. sexy.. hot.. looking good on nsfw posts. I don't have hours to spend writing big comments so I leave them simple and sweet then this retarded bot @mack-bot puts me on a spam list and my rep drops from 58 to 12... like thanks alot fuckface took me over a year to get my rep to that and then destroyed it in a matter of days.. and for what? Because I have a life outside of steem and dont have hours a day to spend posting so I leave short and simple comments along with my votes?? Like how pathetic is that. Rant done

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Have you tried appealing to them on discord?

Ended up chatting with guilty parties one of the guys that has access to the bot and he fixed it

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So glad to hear!

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